Dec 26, 2007


Somedays I simply miss you.
I feel void, and I don't even know what do I feel like doing once more.
Seems like I've been exploring all I wished
Seems like I've been meeting all those I wanted
And I am stranded on a desertic shore, all desire is gone
But I can't even tell you how much I need you

Dec 11, 2007

the days after

Heart and minds fully open
As naked in spirit as clothless
I smell him wherever around me
So I don't feel like washing
His eyes are as dark as a black hole
All I wish is to jump there, and float forever
No anger nor doubts can resist his charming smile
His words are allways sweet, but wise
I can't enough of his lips, as addictive as cocaine
I can't get enough of his arms, so tender
My reason tells me to keep on loving
My mind craves for his feelings
My eyes craves for his handsome airs
My body craves for his warmth and strentgh

Dec 3, 2007

Winter sight

Chicken skin, purple complexion
Winter sting, cold connexion
I love that pain, it's elating
I wish to stain, it's exciting
Crystal edges cutting harships
Low motion preserving fish
As the hunting snow leopard
I'm approaching the salmon lake
Young witch with heart in flake
I dare to whistle in the night
Under the vibrant photon fight
Silver drops of life falling in vain
White shades of fading cocaine
I soak under a swirling star rain
And my prints fly like a train

Nov 23, 2007


So what can they write in my CIA file?
Too many flowers for peace, too many smiles for love...

Not enough products in my closet?
they are visible powers of a macro reality...I am an invisible ant!
and I wonder why are we allways fighting an economic war against each other
I'm starving, longing and cuddling for shares, but can I only understand those who starve too?
I can get your eyes straight, I can get your stares long enough to let you tell away anything you feel like, I can get inside your heart and soul, because I let in my heart and soul

Dreams ain't bought with money, my art can't be sold, and our endeavors are free

so now is it illegal too be:
Searching to catch a net of dissident friends, searching for those soul mates who are trying to get grip on this world....and hijacking industrial world from inside, letting our dreams exploding their systems
Living outside their artificial world, creating our own mental realities, hiring more and more brainy young staff to turn our prospective realities into tangible plans
Staying cold to their advertisements, reading tightly any ingredients list, working and studying so hard that we can't fear anything, neither deem anything impossible!
Dreaming big, Feeling high, run, dance, smile and talk to anyone!

Nov 18, 2007

sweeping off my closet

It's been such a change, such a revolution in my life this last year...
Last november I had taken a turn in my life, I haven't only dropped 40 pounds...I got rid of all limits in my brain...slowly I...
I turned pain into bread and fuel for life
I turned loneliness into a kinda rage of life
I turned any flames into creativity
I came back to my childhood dreams, and let it flow
I came back to knowledge, because I'm no more a student, so I have to keep on studying to stay young and alert
Knowledge is the material for thoughts, and I can't pretend to know all by myself

I swept away all the dust, threw away all the uncessary items, too large clothes and old useless things that burdened my environement, now I enjoy clean, tidy and empty space.

I can't pretend anymore to be happy by myself, I ain't, I need you all, so I swept clean of my arogance and beg you knees down, apologise and turned back to you, I'm still there, alive, your friend, and you'll allways find me around supporting you no matter what happen in your lives.
I won't shy away to be who I am, and I won't be either overproud of myself, I'm still learning, and trying to be who I ought to be...
I won't shy away to stare at you girls too, cause I'm not going to do as if I was jealous, I love your looks too.
Out of the closet, I am just enjoying my new frame, my 6 pack, and all strong muscle...I wondered how could i have lived as a fat ass for so long, it's just so easy to be who i am now

But it's not over yet some of this revolution is still ongoing...some dust is left in the lcoset, some fat around the ass, some arrogance in my stares, some lazyness towards books...
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman....gimme more time

Nov 17, 2007

how do i seem

I had planned to write something, but i'll leave it blank

just like the future, that holds no expectations, no plans and no goal, wtf , deliverance from....anyone, means no love, but nooooooooooooooooo i can't, so i'll keep on loving you, even though it hurts, and i cry:p
on the other hand i know it's making me happy too!:d

Nov 16, 2007


I feel like sharing new ideas, new creations, new hypothesis, I feel like testing any new material, but can't find no one to match my expectations, i want to go overboard and let it flow, but there is no one to pick up my lines, and i feel such a desert, i'm almost starving, it's like my ideas would get dry, stop the flow
I wish I could let it flow, but I'm gonna drown if it stays inside me, and I don't know how to let go
Maybe crying could help, I wish it could, but it's otherwise
I am feeling so much in pain
How can I deliver myself?

Nov 12, 2007

swirling stars

swirling stars surrounding me
taking me down the milky valley of dreams
glittering rainbow drops of crystal water
singing in the sun above our plays

curling hair surrounding me
in the misty air turmoil of my path
shining eyes staring at our talks
may be there may be somewhere inner

Its as dark as the void of space
Its as deep as our thoughts
Its as pure as childish minds
Its as energetic as a supernovae
But from all ends come a new beginning
And swirl stars, cycle the wheel of life
til my dance strear my ideas clear.

Sep 19, 2007

Mexican mindset

Somedays is the Mexican minset
It's Gold rush and tequilla
Blooming flower of joy under sunset
The rare rainbow and shower
Love Words spoken under pain
Isn't the silver line of whistle
Up isn't a vain stairway to heaven
Up is the cloudtear that can't fall
I think as a full fresh aloe
It's fertile and waterfull inside
But dry outside, as in a desert
Sorrow is under drought
Mere talks are not given
As silence is golden

Sep 15, 2007

the wave of life

Frustrating, exhilarating, mind blowing
From anxious mind stuck to lightest happiness
My mood surfs the ocean broad life wave
Floating on top my eyes are lost
Overlooking earths finite dimension
I feel an illusion of power and eternity
It's as if I could swim hard for ever
I think the world as a blue coconut
Travelling the milky way to nowhere
Prisoner of tsunami's waterwall
My limits are back in a moodfall
But no liquid can prevent me
From jumping on H2O molecules
Looking for elementray particules
Finding nothing but flowing energy
As ever I'm wandering the sinuous path
Over the hills, down the sunny green valleys
Crossing clear or tempetuous torrents
Encountering nightgales or bears and wolves
If I got frightened I would never know
What's laying down there over the snowcap
So I won't stop by listening to tying witches
But who cares what's left undone?
Who will count my sins and victories?
Catch me if u can whistled the wind
But swinging, swimming, singing, dancing
Kept on going the gay junkie
Riding my way, the life's wave

Sep 2, 2007

old nightmare

I feel like walking a long way with no limb
I feel like swinging my dreams in the wind
As sharp razor blades makes us less smily
As I can't feel something else but hopeless
Let my tears shower you

I feel like an old bird with broken wings
I feel like a sail without attached strings
As tepid blood rushed heartbeats in vain
As I am no longer that bitter youngster
Let my kiss shake you

Aug 27, 2007

About time

Cherry blossoms petals dripping under a heavy rain
Ticking silently with my blushed rosy heartbeats
The endless flow of love in my gay spring vein
The shadow of a jealous crow could hinder
Our liquorous passion, though life's not vain
When rigorous action takes on bankers routine
Our weird pace tuned to sleep, commuting and labour
Leaves a glimpse of joy, escaping at the canteen
Reading subversive lines, writing sweet and sour
Charms about love that is our life safe harbour
O my soul mate whenever destiny cuts our count
The remaining days are simply more precious
Rare sips of life cup are meant to be delicious

Aug 22, 2007

Classic Painting

There were silver flying daggers in the air
On the fields where flew locks of golden hair
Shiny under the proud sun king
Fainting as our bleed rivers whitened our pink fair
And dimmed the clean battelfield of our lord
Swords swinging, swans singing, heroes dancing
Sand's last drop falling and time stops
Hearts come to a halt in a drought
Painted for eternity to praise knights
Under the moonshell of angel like Venus

Loving you

Loving you is the biggest mystery that ever happened to me
Loving you is the biggest joke that ever crack me up
Loving you is the most painfull ache when you' re gone
Loving you means living to me and much more
I may want to tell, but I can't tell what can't be descibed
I do love you, but the way I feel is too deep

Aug 15, 2007

July in Paris

I miss....
It's summer, it's hot.
The sky is so blue and coconut white clouds are decorating the ceiling of Paris, as an open air museum, visited only by tourist, while most parisians are on holidays far away, but me. The most beautifull city in the world looks like a rejuvenated 18th century painting that lays on our castles walls, and i'm just trying to find an angel, but u're just too far.
miss u much these days! I don't know where you are, but far, and can't get in touch with you, so I miss u a lot, it makes feel like crying, but my tears are stuck in my throat, because though far you're allways somewhere near my heart and thoughts, so I wrote these lines to share a bit of the nice evening i had.
Sun set warms my heart and stretches my shadow as I walk along the Seine, as a siren my hair moves with the flow, as I swing along the concrete shore. Sitting on the hot floor I stare at these little grey fishes eating algae on the steps down my feets.The water is clear and smelling clean clothes, quiet but tourist barges create few waves sometimes.And I dream to be close to the sea, that might be an ocean.O i wanna swim!
I wandered along the Seine for some time as the sun set doesn't seem to end these days. The wonderfull magic of Paris is set in few colors:
- luxuriant green canopy of the falling branches on the Seine islands
- shy azur blue sky playing hide and seek with the clouds
- creamy chalky carved stones of the bridges reflecting the golden low sun
Slowly, an alarm rang my eyes, vibrant sun set flames on the scenary and serene Notre Dame cathedrale glowed , clouds took a cheek pink shade, and the sky above the flows started to glitter as fire just as dark blue veil started covereing the ceiling, as a night tent closing the show.

my world is green

My world is green, maybe as green as spleen, though I promised to search for souls and ghosts over here. I could ask the trees spirits to give me that hope…green is not faith color any more, it’s far more intoxicating for the senses. I feel vertigo looking at the high canopy!

Does imagination lies beyond reality? Does my ideas of that vegetal reality hide something far more troubling?

I feel the same in the end, lost in the blue ocean of late summer days, or in the green ocean of trees blossoming leaves in the spring of nature

These intoxicated senses can’t let me sleep until I felt down exhausted…in a last try to get me started but nothing can let me know that I have to let go of myself………..not even those damned instincts!

Sure my hair flows in the wind like a barbarian, and my feet are dark of dust, but I can read and write…so?

I do prefer identification to nature in order to skip the human cultural identification. In the end I do get closer to my primary instaincts, and these bear no cultural sense


My soul is glittering like a rainbow
My mind filtered through the crystal of my thoughts
Each state of mind glitters its own shade

I am as shy and cute as red cheeks
I smell red roses til my nose bleeds
To make up my lips as my mind

I feel as loving and orange as the setting sun
Flames of life tilting me towards the humankind
Without candles but for diner, there are fruits

I feel pretty blond and as yellow as the bright midday sun
My eyes as green as emerald but blinded by light
My heart warmed til its melting point

I get lost in the infinite evergreen forest
Intoxicated by its poisonous taste
I feel wild instincts from the chlorophylle

I wanna dream in the cotton blue sky
It is as cold and cosy as the sparkles of ice
Floating on the melodious whales playground

I exhale seducing fantasy violet fragance
To cool down we run through lavenders
But my alien sky is deep purple.

Eastern memories

I lost my dear love

In a black hole

Friendship is all I got

Draw the borderline

Walk the great wall

Travel in the middle empire

Write their sign ideas

On dried bamboo sheets

Lose yourself in green ocean

Encounter the Ying and Yang

Black and white as a panda

I am a dual little man

Strong woman in the wild

Perfume of jasmine

Pure taste of young tea

As sweet as silk

One can’t describe

My sweetness is my weakness

I hate to be liked

I only want your love

The Princess

Her hair glitter like gold

Under bright rays of light

Her rose and iris fragrance

Exudes from Venice night

Her green bold sight

See through your mind

Her lips are rose petals

On a virgin moonlike face

When she dances freely

Explosion of harmony

But she is not yours

No one in her blind eyes

Nowhere but in her heart

Hidden behind black veils

Covered by gold jewels

She is tempting you

But far away from you

Elating you dreams

Eluding your wishes

From the sea all the fishes

Could not buy her dowry

the beach

Since I met you I felt never lonely
You are the shining lamp
Guiding me through my dark journey
When i walk at night towards my cave
And the moon is shut off by clouds
We are both left alone on the shore
Of old traditions, stripped from heart
Stripped from hope and sick of life
We are stranded on the beach
Of a remote island after life crash
Whenever you're alone
Don't forget I'm here
Close to your heart
Though we may never see each oher
Though I'm not allowed where you roam
We are together in our dreams
On the beach we soak the sun
I'll never let you sink in the sea
As a marmaid you may see me
One day coming from the red sea
Don't be afraid
You'll never hurt me
And I'll never love you
Cause we are more...and no one will ever know


come on take my hand
let' go to the land
where all dreams live
take my love as gift
look at the cloudy roses
drown in the blue sky
monsoon has showered
all troubles and brung joy

come on take my hand
let's run and bathe
in the bloomy fertile valley
take my love as a gift
listen to the nightingale
he sings better than La Callas
mapple autumn took
all colors of happy life
but a new birthday has come
for you to wish and enjoy

winter crush

winter spread its cold wings
freeze endings stings
i ran to get warmer
but only fell on you
sure you were blunter
but so much fun too

winter gets on my nerves
none my cold version deserves
i got surely dumber
and took back my ego
sure i had to think harder
but your love gave me vertigo


I fear that dog shit
Like the wolves call
I tells me to quit
Civilisation and all
I sat my ass on moss
And stared at the sun
Enjoying fading cross
Dying soon for lack of fun

I run like a hungry deer
Looking for open graze
Strong old wild instinct
Is blushing my craze
I hunted in the forest
Caught some game for diner
While you took rest
I'll share as you're my lover

I painted some bears
But blew off the lights
Before out of fears
So you hold me tight
Hence i won't fall
But i fell for you
Empty space on cavewall
Is neither print nor clue
But a love marker
Filled of imagination
In the frozen long winter
May you only keep me alive
Tight by descendant bonds
We're forever together


that love is inside
you can't get it
from any external one
it's your own reflection
bend slightly over the lake
here you will see
true love and compassion
it is you only
allways and forever
divided by ego

a wife

One wish, one word, one order
I fly faster than the wind
By your side forever
To ease your pain
Wherever I may go
I am always near at heart
Crossing gaps, binding banks
Understanding and breaking borders
I whistle a tender song
To relieve your work stress
I pour cold water at your forehead
Whenever you suffer a fever
I bear your burden
No more pain in your thoughts
I temper your troubles
With loud children laughs
I fill your dear heart
With all love on earth
I exude the red rose
To suggest garden dreams
May you always be smiling
To the one I will love.

joke love

Freed by a warm breeze
Pretty nightingale sings:
'Tomorrow may never know
That yesterday was a joke
To the biggest theatre scene
Life is without strass and spots'
I never walk head up
I might stumble upon dirt
Nothing down is real
Neither truly eternal
This world is ethereal


My homeland has no house
Fairy place is near a stream
And a glittering valley
Always gold and stars shining
Apple trees blossoming
From the bottom of my heart
I kept searching
Those pine forests
In my eyes
This faint sun
In my hair
These waterfalls
In my dances
All blue nights
In my veins
But you, no you
Where are you
The more I write
The less I feel
So I keep on writing
To wash my heart clean
From these burnings
I cried rivers
Fill a cold lake
Tour the blue orange
Reached a red desert
Slipped to the nearest shore
I float on an ocean of love
God finally found me
Happy forever happy

promised land

Sheer light on my face
I found the promised land
A clear quiet holy spring
And a braided shallow river
Flowing midst high grass
Delicious plentifull fruits trees
And tilted rocky hills around
But i know you can't be there
You are long dead
Even your bones disapeared
From you no one else care
All yours are dead but me
So I wonder why I am
All alone stranded here
I can understand this world
As the robot God created
But i can't feel it
All my flesh and brain
As cold as your dead body
I am a ghost wandering
Traveling this world
Looking for you

sweat deams

The chocolate flavor in your eyes
The musky smell of your soft neck
Made me loose my breathe
I lost also my temper
And could not lower my gaze
I felt to resist your power
Your sweet virgin lips
You were stronger but not bolder
I got some evil attraction
Tied to my look and smile

The aphrodisiac hold of your hugs
The devilicious softness of your skin
Made me lose my heart
I felt also for your smile
And could not sleep at night
I felt to hold my resolutions
Your words well said
You were wiser but not tempter
I got some evil attraction
Tied to my look and smile

nature rythm

i looked into your pretty lovely eyes
How can i make you understand?
where i belong dusk and dawn are so long
At these times when angel whisper
divine love and worship in our souls
How can you imagine nightless days?

But green blood run in my veins
and my heart beats with seasons
when the cloudy sky blooms roses
we get dizzy like drugged
our dawns are red fires from hell
our dusks are golden light from paradise

at fall each brownish leaves falling down
as each piece of my broken crystal heart
then i get ready for the big sleep
echoed by billions of glooming stars
in the everlasting winter dark night
enhanced by sparkling ionic aurora

here the cold can make you blush
it turns your lips freeze purple
and this season rythm has swung
all my life since i was born
into this shaman tribe
I'm just a small faithfull girl
from the northernmost old world

Let's make love

Let's forget the world
Let's forget tomorrow
Let's forget our judges
Let's make love tonight

I can feel that fire
Burning between us
The desire in your eyes
And my short breath
Let's forget family
Le'ts forget yesterday
Let's live and die
Let's make love tonight

Let's get wild and free
Ride the wind of joy
Enhance the spice of your heart
Let's be one for one moment
Let's forget all one second
One second when time stops

Let's be egoist in the pleasure
Cause bodies can share
What brains can't share
Now we are young
But soon we'll die
So let's make love tonight

Aug 8, 2007

life...just free

Free also means you don't have to pay for it....

Just read these lines
I am: my love, my joy, my senses, my poetry, my logic, my smile, my dance, my hugs, my kisses, my pleasure, everything for free, just as you
I don't pay to enjoy life, you don't pay to enjoy me
But i have nothing, nothing to sell,
I have nothing to sell, and that's what they hate me for, those who want a share of my money, but i have no money, so i am worthless to them

sun is free, so they made smoke to hide it
rain is free, so they built ceilings to steal it
trees were a free shelter, so they cut them
animals were free foodstores, so they invented zoos
lakes and rivers were a swim playground, so they poisoned them
grass was a smooth carpet, so they built roads
fishes were freely traveling, so they took them in a net
blacks were free, so they slaved them
Who are they? my enemies, my fears, my sickess, my hate, my stress
But they let me go, so I am not free...

Jul 16, 2007

a chinese mind

On friday night i went to Versailles castle for a firework, as saturday (July 14th) was national France day. I was with lots of people, nice...i enjoyed all bits.

There was a glimpse of glow from setting sun left in the dark blue night sky, above the castle, and then firework powder colored it greenish.
I thought most firework was looking like giant exploding flowers! and some flying stars too!

Tonight, I learnt that my mind is chinese, because this above written paragraph is depicting fireworks in the way that someone has just taught me it's said in chinese 烟花, and Leo's my witness, I wrote this feelings a while before:

Jul 15, 2007

One of the most beautifull song I've ever heard...
If it was possible...

I'll bear your child, or maybe two or three

It's my wildest dream,

I'll give my everything for your dreams to live forever
so that we're never dead

to the one I miss so much now, I wish you're forever happy.

Jul 8, 2007

tropical fever

When the weather gets hot and humid, the sky clouded by heavy monsoon signs, the air so thick that it should be cut into pieces before breathing; I feel like wearing little dress, and dancing with my sandals on caribbean rythms, slowly, madly, sensually.
When summer is here, i feel i'm somewhere else, eating tropical fruits under a palm tree, so my kitchen is filled with papayas, bananas, mangoes, etc...
Does Paris turn into a "playa", not really though our cute mayor would like it, but marketing events can't match my mood, so if I feel like I'm under tropics, I simply live as if I were there: relaxed, open minded, not in hurry, cooling, chilling....and sensual!

sent to Leo, 2007, June 24th, 22h24

In the vineyard

i opened up my vineyard,
gorgeous hidden secret in me.
o i feel fine and sweet!
plump like a little doll,
fresh like the mist you
exhale on the window &
draw a heart with a finger.
play hide and seek;
burst a bubble gum;
run on one foot;
build a sand castle;
cross the line and dream free;
wash my brain happy;
i feel a big wave of joy over me
sent to Leo, 2007, June 25th, 22h29

natural feelings

a rainfall: sharp crystal water as pure as water from original world, to clean and drink, away from pollution, reminiscent from a time when the world was not yet polluted by humans

a rainbow: symbol of the way see things, colorfull , meaningfull, because i feel in color, and my poems are trying to paint things and expressing a bit the way i put ideas through my dreaming mind

white ocean running on a dark volcanic shore, it's the power of nature, limitless ocean and young beach, that strikes me and calls back my roots, my instincts; i feel like walking & swimming naked, closing my eyes and feeling the power of the wind and current over my body, the strong smell of the salty sea through my nose...and the cold of Iceland on my skin...

there is water and sky on each picture because:

i have an infinite love for water
i'm lost in a blue paradise
floating over an ocean of sorrow
marvelling at a sky of loving stars
in between too deep and too light
balancing on the shore of life
passions and freezes
jumping in and out of the sea
sucking the blue orange but
glued to its icy side
when no one is melting my heart.

extract from a mail to Leo, dated 2007, June 25th, 22h57.

May 26, 2007

I've felt in a vitamin bottle, as a genie in the bottle, could you deliver my brain from this euphoric state?
I've felt in a sour and bitter potion, that tears my appetite from large to nothing. I feel anything hard to swallow, is it from the salty tears?
I'm struck by the thickness and weight of the air, as if suddenly all the surroundings had turned into a giant aquarium, where i'm the whale, In jail turning around, a motion without progress.
I'm stuck in a circle thinking, a loop where anything sounds and seems like a nightmare, although, I can see the shining glitter of a star filtering from a hole in my bad ideas.

The evanescence of my evaporating body image reflects the shadow of larger clothes, but the veil is slipping down, and a stronger muscular identity jump higher to catch opportunities to dream longer and wider.
The arrow missed the target, and the circle of life is broken...

May 25, 2007

one endless day

I got aroundup 5AM, I had such a nice early talk today, I had in mind somethings, but discovered much more interesting things...and i have been thinking about these topics all day...
Lifestyles and relationships...I realised how my choices were so far from the usual "suburban family model life", mine were more those of the alternative urbans, single, partying, free, and environement friendly.
I have allways felt special for her, strangely she came just the day before, or I may have felt I needed to see her, and feel that I liked her tatoo. I may love more her views about "no children, we are too many on the planet"!!
I took time for myself, alone with my thoughts, enjoying the day, fueled by my early talk with my soul mate. I'm reading currently this philosophy book about relationships, the more I reead, the more I know I'm not supposed to be ashamed of my feelings. But I won't open my heart too early to anyone, these thoughts are too precious to be spoilt! So I shared my excitment about a quote with my dear philosophe friend, he disagreed as usual...he's not a soul mate, but my opposite mate! I feel bound anyhow, we need each other to make our thoguhts eveolved and richer. I guess no one can be complete without others. I felt so light and uplifted the full day, men have been staring a lot at me; because that pleasure on my face could be read as I enjoyed some nice long sex night! true thinking can be the orgasm by ideas...But as a woman whose feminine attraction am I trying to reach in the search of oceanic feeling? my lost mother, or my narcissic self? I guess we're fused, same smile, same long hair, same blond hair. Am I not called her name somtimes? ya...
but the evening was weirdest: i got an email from my bf, telling me it's over.I was on phone with a friend, she tried to talk to make think about somthing diferent, but that could not help.As I was crying too much I stopped talking, and chatted online.Then this friday i had 4 male friends online, and hopefully they all supported me! No, guys are not that bad...It's just our expectations that can't be met, and it's deceiving soon. I placed too many hopes on only one person that I didn't know so well.
I analysed the situation quickly, but i have already a key to understand. My world is full of interactions, I live by and for my ideas, they are fed through meetings, and feelings, this fuels and is fueled by my curiosity.This is rather cheap (except travels somtimes), and that can't be bought, so money has a poor value to me, but time is a core and precious element of my life, the most time i devote to an activity or a person, the more that means for me. I expect friends to be the same, and devote time to me as a proof of their interest in me. But his core values was social status, and money, these are foreign concept for me! So we could not understand each other to the core anyway, attraction is blind, but it doesn't last long..especially for some tired busy people! but i guess i'm still too young to feel it!

I remember someone told me, only those people who never experienced moeny problems could feel as free toward money as I do...true, I've never had any problem, because as soon as I feel money could be a problem, I automaticall adjust y lifestyle to a poorer one, but as I believe more in people, this is not a problem for me!

So I woke up at 5AM...but it's already 1.40AM the next day, and I haven't slept! I have had only a light diner too!(one avocado), so this day is unforgetable, totally unfogetable, it doesn't seem to end, and i forgot m primary needs, to my ideas. I'll go to sleep, shut down my brain for a while, and hope tomorow won't be too much disappointing!

May 24, 2007

slowly, madly, deeply

I'm loosing sleep, loosing appetite....getting too much excited about new projects, while I'm burying old feelings...
I am faithless but full of hopes for a future where dreams have no limit...
The more I age the younger my friends my passions can't get extinct. My free travelling mind escapes the harsh realities of consumerist life
I discover more and more the imperious want of you, and him, and her, and me!
I do love this world, when the days seem to have no end, and my eyes turn green to the golden sun

There is a sweet breeze, cute memories of you and a soft touch in this summer air, but somehow my heart cries alone at night when I listen to a sad song, I cant help but feeling my tears forming in the corner of my eyes, though i'm too shy to drop them, i swallow salty water, not to show my sorrrow.
I don't know who I love, nor what love; is but I feel the pain of missing you.

Apr 6, 2007

a pink cry

When I hear that old song

Little pearls arose on my cheeks

Those pink dunes are wet

As a desert rarely showered

Then flowers bloom in my heart

I wish to sent bunches of them

Every morning of you life

To scent it up with grace

I may intoxicate you

But my frangance is less strong

Than your attraction

Dec 20th, 2005, 01:22 AM

overcloud dream

Who needs a heart when the world belongs to us
Now that you turn my brain in a happiness factory
The sun shines again over my hood and life
I ride ever more freely where the butterflies go
All lips are sweet but not as unhealthy as candy
Everywhere the wind swings hair
Everywhere sun kisses my sight
Everywhere planes overtake clouds
Your face as cold as a pure crystal sculpure
Frozen in white and blue eternity of death
These colors strangely attract me on the ice
Was I ever looking for your sharp glance
But that day is memorial
Deep written in my souvenirs
No regret nor forgetness

Jan 2nd, 2006, 02:46 PM

Western hate

To all those I hate
I hereby say why
I wished your death
Aware you could
have killed me then
My wonders turn to anger
Why did you spare us
Else we could have enjoyed
Promised eternal delights
Instead of CNN staring
At this endless nightmare
What a cruel waste
You made of our pure world
Looked for my green land
But it is under thick trashes
Those burnt evidence ashes
Long swept by the wind
You built your malls
On our bison bones
So much death still alive
On hate don't arise peace
My testimony I am not guilty
But the blood in my vein
Tell me I cried in vain
Cause you're forever villain
Historical backlashes
Can't even teach you
To clean your a$$es

Jul 11th, 2005, 11:52 AM

monsoon shadow

i can't forget this look under the heavy rain
i can't forget this glimpse in the night
i know we are just hopes and a dream for each other
i know distance make us feel more alive but less real
that kinda pain make us feel warm and hopefull
that a day will bring us some closeness,
just as if life could turn into a fairytale
let's come adults, forget our dreams, forget ourselves
let us live by society standard and become two shadows in the night
love is impossible, just like our life

Jan 8th, 2007, 11:05 PM

monsoon shadow ( following)

My love has big black eyes.
My love has no one to care for
My love is lonely and poor
My love has some despair in his eyes
My love does not speak my language
But love has its own language
And I can see in his eyes all the dreams he have
And I’m the only one to live those dreams
I feel ashamed to have that luck for two
It snows on the top of the world
And my love is cold, and lonely at night
But my words sent on wires warm him
Until destiny brings us together again

Jan 24th, 2007, 07:00 PM


I'm a fairy, come take my hand
I'll lead you to the land of dreams
I'm a fairy, follow my grass eyes
My smile will guie you to happiness
I'm a fairy, listen to my song
I'll whisper the secrets to paradise
I'm a fairy, catch my golden hair
I'll let your heart shines away from sorrow
But you're stoned heart shout
That's a witch stay away
In the hurry of stressfull meaningless life
You turned your back and stay hollow

Jan 27th, 2007, 02:04 PM

blue love

all i can see is a shining lamp
a smiling sun in the cotton blue sky
i have an infinite love for winter
the marvellous shades of blue ice
it seems sight never will get back
i'm lost in blue paradise

Mar 10th, 2007, 10:03 PM

July wednesday 20th and thursday 21th, 1st day in india

i spent the whole day in a plane, trains, subway, waiting room, customs and taxi yestserday, from 6AM Paris time to 24PM Dehli time!!!!!! then I washed clothes and took a shower as soon as I went to my guest house and sleep (or triedy to! but couldn't because of time change btw paris and dehli) only few hours before a busy shopping day today....I bought 3 pretty silk salwar kamez, a silk carpet from kashmir (for namaz), shoes, bag...well to much stuff!!!!!!!

22nd july, second day in new dehli-Jul 24th, 2005 at 12:12 PM

wow a fucking mosquito bite me tonight I scratch it on the wall...she was full of blood no I am not tired because of the mosquito but because I am difficult to adjust to time change when going eastward on the globe...
yesterday night I watched PTV world...first time in my life watching paki TV!!! musharraf was talking....and I understood!!! that kind of feeling is great...I meant he is talking clear and slow so it is easy to understand, especially because he uses many english words but I really liked to understand spoken urdu with no subtitles, images or anything else than the talk to undestrand what was said....but I did not watch the whole talk because it is boringpolitician talk....

23th july-Jul 24th, 2005 at 12:17 PM

I am a lucky girl because this morning I had to wake up at 4h30 to depart at 5 oclock from new Dehli to Jaipur (train at 6.00)...and no alarm clock...and I slept very well, but woke up at 4.30sharp! isn'it weird?

Anyway i took the train at 6.00 at new was a nice journey, i enjoyed looking at the landscape from my window, execpt for the slums and poor people I is difficult for me to look at all this poverty! I feel embarrassed.

I like the countryside, green fields, flooded fields (rice?)
women in colorful saris walking around, thin white silhouettes of standing men looking after cattle...and in the trees favourite bird!

I have been walking in Jaipur most of the afternoon...all the time risckhaw-walla, asking me where I want to go, whereas i only wanted to walk!...but there are so few peolple walking because of the heat...but I like it, ..and also if i don't walk I feel like a lazy-bum and i just hate sitting the whole day in a train, plane or taxi...I need exercise...and it's easy to hide from the dupatta over the head and I don't even think about sun shining on my face any more...yes I am wearing one the salwar kamiz I bought in mew Dehli...i like it very much!

2nd day in jaipur-Jul 24th, 2005 at 12:28 PM

I was very tired yesterday too , I slept straight after coming back to my hotel.... then have diner, then discuss with the two iranians guest staying at the guest house in the beginning there were the manager, he was saying I have an american accent but one of the iranians women answered that I am talking with the same rythm than a my english accent is a mix of US and german!

i was gonna have a shower when I SAW something moving in my bathroom was a big insect...6 cm long at least
i WAS SO FRITHENED, i reached for my shampoo bottle and killed it with it ...I was really shaken!...we don't have so big insects in France....
Today I went to Amber fort and city palace of Jaipur an took some pics...
These palaces once inhabitad by mahrajahs are really amazing, but they are not so richly decorated as say, previous royal castles that we have in France...mostly because most of the furniture and original carpets, tapestry..are gone! But from outside they are really wonderful!
i loved also this abandonned palace, like floating on a lake, just outside the city of jaipur
I think there are too many tourists regularly visiting there because streets vendors are a hassle...yesterday it was the rickshaw wallw, today the street vendor...oh I forgot about that carpet sailor...he showed me how to make a carpet, briefly, then many nice carpets, all sizes and all colors, then started to chat a bit in french with me!...yeap many french in Rajasthan!...tried to convinve me 100hundred ways to buy a carpet...but I don't want to, I already got one fine not expensive in new dehli....!

last day in Jaipur, indian impression-Jul 25th, 2005 at 12:02 PM

I visited the inner wall city today, yani Jaipur has an old historical center inside pink walls, with decorated and impressive gates...inside there are many shops, various shops selling almost anything...but i was not in the mood to shop..somtimes I just don't feel like buying anything...I don't want to buy stuff, just cause I can afford it and then have no use for it! i have to plan minimum beforehand what I'd like to buy otherwise, i don't buy...even if those shopkeepers in India try very hard to sell their goods to any tourists I don't know if there is some kind of equation like, white=$$$ ...
I was followed most of morning by a guy.... first he was cycling on the road and when reached me said to me I love you...I thought that'll be all, but he was like allways on my way afterwards, i don't know how! everytime i didn't notice he just pumped from nowhere passing close to me trying to touch me...*disguting*I became paranoid, kept on looking backwards all the time...after 1 hour he probably got pissed off...and left me alone finally!

indian streets are very dirty, trashes everywhere, people (men) peeing on almost any is not really nice...and also cows and other aimals (camels, goats...) are ****ing on the streets so with the brilliant sun, it is really stinking! but I guess I got used to it because I don't really mind now!...oh there are also garbages on the streets, and animals are eating them!
fortunately some shops are seling garlands of flowers close to hindus temple so it is a relief from bad smell!, I like jasmine and roses smell very much!

last day in Jaipur...2-Jul 26th, 2005 at 07:28 PM

after sitting 2 hours in front of a computer in a cyber cafe, I had finished my 1l bottle of purified water and felt a bit thirsty, I wanted a tea...I entered a neary cafe/restaurant full of locals, all males (why no women?) and ordered a "cai", I was quite disapointed to be answered they had none, India isn't a tea country?? well the guy said they had lassi, s I decided to try....hmmmm, it was cold enough but not frozen, sweet enough not to be sour, creamy but not to hearty....well delicious....then I walked back home....diner as usual...wanted to access internet connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so sad....

samode palace- Jul 26th, 2005 at 07:46 PM

I went from jaipur to samode by car today...with the same car and driver that will take me to the whole Rajastan during this next 2 weeks...
I am amazed at the way people drive...apart from being very slow...which I like (I can't drive in France, it's too fast and I am frightenned by speed)...they use the horn all the time...I saw some trucks that had written on the back: speed 40km/h BLOW addition to trucks and cars, there are numerous bycicles, rickshaws, scooters and also some camel driven carriage!...ooops I forgot to mention cows...and other cattles!

So I am in Samode Palace! that's great! the dining hall is amazing! my room too! the bathroom is at least 5m long!...and it's looking like a real maharajah suite!...this place is great, i'll have to post pics later...
I toured the village this afternoon...first I met a family, Khan family...I know because I asked for the address to send their picture that I took...hopefuly speaking and reading a little hindi helped me communicate with these women and girls who know no english! excep HELLO!
Then I met a boy...who guided me to some other part of the village, 14 years old and so intelligent, english speaking too...afterwards he showed me his paintings...then another guy, my age, came to show his paintings..both were very nice...that other guy spoke very good english and we talked until night...he took some time to believe it's my first time in he think I am behaving just like an indian! it was fun learning from him more about indian village life...I liked it...he saw I have an open wound on my right foot and some bees were sometime eating my flesh when i sat still so he asked the younger guy to catch some plants nearby...and press the liquid out on my wound!...indian medicine, I guess!....I hope it's gonna heal soon, but bees really scare me now, I don't want to be eaten alive!
I bought some paintings from them...negociate hard the price thought!...then I finally could taste some of the real indian masala tea! just as in my memory from the time I had indian friends preparing some for me...fine! I like it...I just feel like i am home then.

Mandawa, Shekawati region, Rajasthan-Jul 27th, 2005 at 03:10 PM

I came from Samode to Mandawa this morning, it was a pleasant 2.5hour car trip...many things to see on the road from cattle to big trucks loaded with cattle food, coming from Punjab.....
I am staying at the Mandawa castle...from there I have a nice view of the city....I took a pic...I am impressed by the size of the masjid compare to the size of the city...only 20.000inhabitants...that is reallt different in france!!

I slept during the middle of the day...anyway it was to hot to go out..and people at the hotel advised me to tour tour the city late in the afternoon...I felt dizzy afterwards, but decided to tour at 3PM...a cool breeze and no sun!
Then I went to visit the small city because there are havelis; old houses nicely guy made me tour and explained the city...but he had a crush on me! he remembered when and how I arrived in the city...saying alle the time I am nice, calling Noor Jaan...asking if I am married or have a! indians can be so funny! but I am not interested anyway....
those houses are mostly abandoned and most of their paintings are really in bad condition...the hot sun does not help...anyway the owners of these former palaces are into business and live far away in big cities, they have other hings o care about than these historical gives an odd feeling visiting this pretty but deserted old city!

Bikaner 28th july

so I was sick 2 days ago...fever and upset stomach when I had to go from Mandawa to i could'nt do anything that day...i saw an indian doctor as soon as i arrived in bikaner hotel. it was cheap, quick and good efficient medicine so i could visit a camel research institute at night...I love camels very much, there were also baby camels, so cute!
The next morning so I finally vivited the fort, which I was supposed to do the day was nice

bikaner / jaisalmer 29th

main parson bemaar thi...fever and upset stomach when I had to go from Mandawa to i could'nt do anything that i could'nt do anything that day...i saw an indian doctor as soon as i arrived in bikaner hotel. it was cheap, quick and good efficient medicine so i could visit a camel research institute at night...I love camels very much, there were also baby camels, so cute!
The next morning so I finally vivited the fort, which I was supposed to do the day was nice...

Yesterday I traveled from bikaner to Jaisalmer..300 km by road btw the desert...mostly savanah...some sand dunes, sometimes reaching the road and beginning to cover the milesstones...I had bought cassettes of indian music in Mandawa, and the driver played them while driving, so it was less boring! anyway I enjoy so much the travel...cattle on the way, small villages made of earth and thatched roofs! camel carriage and colorful trucks!

I went to the lake close to Jaisalmer, very beautiful scenery..a girl saw me and said 'hei auntie!' so I replied"main auntie nahin hoon"...she was surprised...then her whole family started talking little hindi with me...a muslim family!...but with he hindi accent they couldn't say "khuda hafiz" but"kuda hafiz"lol!
at the guest house, one of the guys is literally eating me with the eyes...that's really embarrasssing...anyway i am now getting more used to it...some indian guys are just so staring...i feel like hiding but the more I hide the more they get curious about me!

In the night I wanted to eat diner outside, but the guest house keeeper told me to order food from anearby restaurant and eat on the roof...that was really pleasant , nice view of the city from the top of the fort and on the approaching storm and thunder....just after I finished my diner...the sand storm covered the low outer city, hit us and then came rain...I was lucky not to have gone outside! I reached my room and 5 min later, power cut! luck again the room is small so I knew where everything was and didn't need light to walk around!!!
but i was relieved 2hours later when I could finallly put AC on to have a nice sleep!

from the deset to Jodhpur-Jul 31st, 2005 at 02:42 PM

I am now in Jodjpur! i went from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur today. I visited the amazingly beautiful fort this afternoon.
I really suffer from the hot!

Yesterday evening I went to the desert to ride a camel up to a sand dune to see the sunset but ubfortunately there were clouds coming just as the sun was to set anyway I took nice pics of the desert and my camel. She was a bit nervous on the way back so I didn't ride untill the end, but that was a good first experience...and I even saw some antilopes in the desert!!

After I had diner with the local p[eople, wih songs also. then I came back to Jaisalmer. A sand storm, thunder, lightning and rain made the journey difficult because with sand it's hard o see he ro0ad at night with the carlight...but sometimes there were so much lightning that we could forget it was night! At the bottom of the city it was really flooded, and there was a power cut! power was cut up to 1.00AM I i had to walk to the guest house alone in the dark as no car is allowed in the fort...there were no light, xcept lightning and lots of dogs barking...I got really frightneted!! All I can say now is that it is an unforgattable evening!!

Ranakpur 1/8/05 jain temples

I went from Jodhpur to Ranakpur, little city in the southern Rajastan that morning.
I visited the Jain temples during lunch time, white marble very beautifully carved temples. there were lots of priests dressed in red, orange and yellow inside. I liked the smell of incence and flowers....While visiting it started to rain so I could take the waterfalls from the roofs in pic...
I laughed at the western visitors, because many went in groups...very stupid tourists unaware of local traditions...they were requested to cover their legs and shoulders, while removing their shoes and funny to see!!
More funny was that some didn't know about monsoon season so they had nothing to protect from the rain...and putting back wet socks and sneakers is...well I prefer to avoid!

the most epic day, tuesday August 2nd: drive to Dungarpur....

So I was supposed to be driven from Ranakpur to Dungarpur, via Udaipur this morning and then visit tht town in the afternoon, but the monsoon decided otherwise....
It had rained the whole previous afternoon, and it rained also that whole day!! The road from ranakpur to Udaipur goes through mounts which results in a road looking either like a river, lake or torrent, depending in the tilt of the road....but not like a road when the water was a bit deeper or faster, there were some vehicles stopping and soon a traffic jam forming, even in the middle of the indian jungle there were crowds of curious, beggars in addition to the stuck vehicles: trucks, cars, jeeps and motorcycles...
We spent some time waiting for water to thin and slow down, but at our latest stop the rain began again to fall stronger after some time so we decided to get back after asking locals about another that point my driver decided to take with us a local guide, spanish speaking, going to Udaipur and who was stuck travelling on a stopped bus...That guy spoke hindi with a spanish accent!!so funny...So we talked all the way left to Udaipur...That remind me of how much I like the company of well educated people, ie this guide in addtition to speaking spanish and good english hold a Master in history and was very keen on excahnging about our different historical and linguistical bakgrounds. He was also very good looking which only added to the pleasure of the talk!, no flirting at all...I'm not like that!
from the morning til the evening when we reached Dungarpur, I had no food/drink/relieve myself, because of that longer than thought journey...but I kept on smiling and joking with my driver...who was amazed at that!
Sometimes i am not in the mood of feeling sad, angry or mean...And it's been days, or weeks, since I can't be sad...I can't explain why only happiness and love are in my heart, and I'm flying on that pink bubble and wanna have only fun whatever **** happen....though i have to say no day pass without this f@#$%^ pain in my stomach...

highways-Aug 3rd, 2005 at 06:19 PM

i took the highway from udaipur to Dungarpur yesterday and this morning ...2ways...
I never saw a highway like that before! cattle and dogs crossing...children carrying woods on their heads walking by...women and men running through the way...that looked so wweird to me, but that's how i like India: natural! everythings is normal and the fewer the rules the better!!

Dungarpur palaces-Aug 3rd, 2005 at 06:32 PM

Finally I arrived at Dungarpur new palace, converted into hotel and could enjoy my suite with lake view! prtty lake, and many fowls on small island in the middle of it.

i went to dine on a very big dinig table, maybe 5 or 6 meter long, and I was alone, but 4 waiters were there to care about me, plus the manager! Then I took tea in a sitting room called the african room, because many trophees from wild game hunted in Africa (former british colonies) druing the 70s by the previous maharajah were hang on the walls, as well as in the dining room, That gave a somewhat strange and unpleasant smell to these rooms. So the old indian guy in short, thongs and listening to a walkman sitting in an armchair on the terrace close to my room was the present maharajah!! How odd!

This morning i went to the old palaces that once was used by the same royal family as in the hotel...I was the only tourist, as usual in those remote places, so the guard show me in a private tour the 7storey old stinking palace, a pure jewel!! many many miniature paintings inside, chinese old blue porcelaine, mirrors and carved walls, carpets...a really nice but deserted palace....some part were in bad shape and bats were the only inhabitants!

udaipur-Aug 4th, 2005 at 02:26 PM

i visited the city palace yesterday, it was another good experience...i am a little used to these palaces now but I am still amazed at those miniature paintings in mughal style that are widespread here....they use camel eyelashes for the bigger brushes and squirrel tail hair for the shaper details...and colours are natural from oxides: iron for red, zinc for white...all found around the town except the blue stone lapilazuli from Aghanistan.
this morning i visited beautiful temples, old ones and temples still on use ...hindu temples! some of the statues have their heads cut and guide explained to me it was the muslin invadors 13 centuries ago who did that!...anyway visiting temple is not my cup of tea....all those gods names and rituals i can't remember...I really don't like that religion at all...i like only the carvings! and flower garlands, they smell good!especially roses, we don't have these roses in france...I wish I could bring some plant home!
this afternoon is hot humid covered sky and I am stuck in a city for tourist which means nothing typical in shops but lots of touts around so that is why I am online...long time, but it's good to be on GS for a while i almost missed it

udaipur bis-Aug 4th, 2005 at 04:50 PM

I was really pissed off by folks today, beggars, touts, street vendors...i was not in the mood of walking arounf, so i just came to sit on GS this afternoon, as this city is sooooo too much touristical for me.
Though the lake is really nice, ewspecially at night, I mean last evening I had diner on the lake bank, and the lights from the palaces were reflecting on the still waters, that was really pretty!

I had a fresh green coconut drink this day, before visiting a nice tropical garden...i liked it! I enjoyed these kinds of refreshments in tropical parts of france, like Caribbean and Polynesia, more reason to feel like home in India!

joke of the day-Aug 10th, 2005 at 02:28 PM

ever wonder why indian old fort or old inoccupied temple stink so much???

the answer is simple clear!

"bat smell is bad smell"!!!!!! lol!

Taj Mahal-Aug 10th, 2005 at 02:32 PM

I visited Taj mahal when in Agra...of course, everybody goes to Taj Mahal...but paying 750Rs because I am not indian made me really really reaallllyyy mad at indians who pay only 20Rs!!!!!!!

and I was the touristic attraction of the day...even indians asked me to pose on phtoto with them! so a discount would have been greatly appreciated but no i paid even more as thos f@#$%^&*() admin people did not give me back my change! so 1000Rs to visit Taj mahal!!!

Fatehpur Sikri- Aug 10th, 2005 at 02:37 PM

it is one of the places you enjoyed a guide...a good one! so much about emperor Akbar to learn! an illliterate clever man who had 3 wives, a christian given by portugese (GOA), a muslim and a hindu...because muslim and hindu rulers in India at the much more power by being friend to everyone! really clever! and he had 325 concubines for fun in addition!!

so the palace was nice...and the visit instructivem after i went to visit the mosque, where the tomb of a sufi saint is, and I made as is the tradition, 3 wishes by tying threads on the walls...dunno if it will work but hope so!!

I visited one more sufi saint tomb today in Gwalior, a singer, I like those places because they smell nice! many rose petals on the tomb so nice smell!

Bassi and Chittogarh-Aug 10th, 2005 at 02:46 PM

I was in Bassi a few days ago...but not written about it yet, so...I have to say you should go to Bassi fort if you visit India, because the owner of the place, a retired colonel of indian army, has a lovely wife who is very welcoming! She is the mayor of the village of Bassi also! the rooms are good, the food is, well funnily not spicy because I am not indian so i guess it was on purpose!
I visited the village with one of the staff of the hotel...personal visit! very instructive about village life! all children after me saying hello or bye, and shaking hand!
quite disguting too too, because I saw a child shting on the street!
And also I forgot to say that a, small, cow stamped on my foot!! I was walking in the middle of the street on a narrow path btw water and steps and the cow only run towards me,and I had little time to side, otherwise I would have been down or in the water

at night i had diner on the terrace with the lady, and also her eldest son came to talk to was nice

we talked about the festival that was held that day. Actually I had visited the old fort of Chittor ie Chittorgarh in the afternoon. it was really busy, packed with people...because of a festival celebrating rain (it was heavily monsooning before as I said in previous entries) by picknicking with families and going to the multiple temple in the fort (14km long)
as the fort is in the summit of a plateau we had to get down after by a narrow raos which is even narrowed at 7 gates, and we spent 1 hour at one of this gate, hopefully my driver in Rajastan had a really good humor and we had also, good AC and casstes of Bollywood looking at people passing by outside and waving at me while I was stuck was fun!!!
I forget to say that a rickshaw wala, stuck besides us was gorgeous! he was staring at me smiling, thumb up to say something nice to me...he was so good looking, i am sure he knew it, reason why he stared so much at me....

dilli again-Aug 11th, 2005 at 11:47 AM

so I am in Dehli's definitly too hot for me...hopefully there is AC!!!! I love AC so much...hope it's not the nick of a guppy or it will be misunderstood for something that wasn't meant...
i escaped from the post office where a big crowd of locals gave me little way to buy stamps and then find out the way to post them...I hope they'll arrive soon...that way i know the time it will take to send postacrds to some places from when you go there I will tell you *talking to all guppies who wanna go to india

dehli to Shimla-Aug 12th, 2005 at 01:26 PM

I am now in the lovely mountains of Himachal pradesh! Shimla, I love that place
Today I got from Dehli to SHimla via Kalka, by train up to Kalka and then car to Shimla. On the train I was sittinkg next to an Swedish businessman who asked me many questions about India, he was only for business and new almost nothing about India geography so with the help of my lonely planet guidebook I taught him little stuff. He said to me that I had a "easy to like smile", one of the kindest comment ever made to me.

The road from kalka to Shaimla is sinous in the mountain ...I love that place, Shimla is a misty town perched on the mountains, with many deodar cedars and some monkeys running around on the roofs...including in my posh heritage hotel: the Woodville resort! really a nice old building from the british era, 1938, is written on the front door!

Shimla-Aug 14th, 2005 at 05:14 PM

yesterday morning I went wandering the streets of Shimla, looking for a place to get a new battery for my watch cause it has broken down, which quite annoying as i have only this watch to tell me the hour in India...i did not know where I was going so I only followed the biggest crowd of in early morinig people go to work I figured this would be where i found some shops....
So I walked around in these sinuous roads on the mountain slope...bordered by cedars and inhabited by dogs and monkeys, really lovely and some spectacular views on the valley too!
i found a watch repair corner shop, and in the early moring i waited 5 minutes for the guy to open his shop, then good job done for only 60 Rs, which is a little more than only1 euro!!! I was really happy!
then I went by car to Chail via very scenic mountain roads! then I stopped at the zoo of Kufri, I paid only 10 Rs (indian fee! lol, thanx Qrius you gave me good luck!) I saw there many typical himalayan birds and also, black and brown bears, wolves and my favourite animal the snow leopard!!!!!!!!! love again!!!!!!!
At night I talked to one of the guy from the staff after diner..and he talked really freely to me, saying that he wanted to have sex with me! I explained i did not want cause i am waiting till wedding, but he said it was a long way and i needed some while still young and healthy!!! khair those unmarried young guys are really weird sometimes, I know now why most indian men marry at 17-18, lol!

Naggar/ jana-Aug 14th, 2005 at 05:27 PM

today I went from Shimla to naggar by car...only 280 km but it took the whole day! but these mountain roads are really amazing, especially today we came through many different places, along the Kullu valley for exmple there are many fields in terrraces and banana trees, which I find very elegant...then we came along the valley of the river Beas which is so beautiful!!! we came across a damn and up there was a multicolored lake, party green and partly muddy, wow then we drove up a very steep valley looking a bit like a fjord! so many things reminds me of norway here, the trees, the mountains, the glacial river (like the Beas)...I really love that place!
but when i look closer i saw that there was cactus and palm trees of the slopes which are rather exotic, na? and also some monkeys on the road side, along with the ubiquitous indian cows!

Then we finally reached nagar where i am now, the manager of the hotel took me to a special guided tour! the advantage of traveling alone in fine hotel is that I am really treated like a princess! private tours, private great!
so we went in the mountains high above Nagar 8000ft high, arouind his village so he knew everyone and marveled at some pretty waterfalls, and then wlked in the deep pine-cedar forest, listening to those very loud insects singing! really lovely!
he red my lines in my hand and predict me: 90+ years old in my life, a wedding in december or january this year and 2 kids! lol!
When we came down the guide-manager bought some cauliflowers to young boys on the road he had to insist loud to pay!!! then we saw some guys trying to lift a cow to put her in a van!!so funny, ..indian ways are really funny sometimes and that is just what I like!

Kullu valley/ Naggar-Aug 15th, 2005 at 07:20 AM

more about my trip in the Beas valley (more or les around Kullu), well those of you from punjab know BEAS river, its valley is one of the most beautiful here in Himachal Pradesh...where it is a mountain river with tumultuous flows...
what is really great is to see it fom the high slopes...where Naggar lies for example...or from the point of view of an eagle...I saw many of them yesterday planning on the wind above the valley looking down for some preys to catch..they are really the kings of birds! and I like thir sounds..its really nice! not like those freaky crows in the pine infront of the table where I took my breakfast...they even chase away the lovely birds...which I don't the name in english, in french it is "menate"...they are everywhere in India and I saw many of them in polynesia (tahiti) last year...
Today the valley is really misty, so it is not possible to take good pics...but now I see the sun so let's hope it will get rid of those lovely white clouds so i can take more pics of the Beas river...I'll come out and see...bye!

Manali-Aug 16th, 2005 at 03:05 PM

I am in Manali...I arrived is a nice place on a steep valley, with very big cedars, the lovely Beas roaming at the bottom of the valley, many apple trees and also pink roses...and very typical old houses in wood...and alsmost all of thoses old houses house cattle, including the ubiquituous indian cow!!
So I went to Rohtang la (la is pass in tibetan)...4000m! I had never been so high on earth before...but that was great, the journey in the mountain till then was breathtaking and at the top it was so chilly...I remembered being a northern girl so I was with my light silk salwaar qameez and open shoes while indian tourists had big clothes, but I did not feel cold at all...only great! it was so great to feel really cold wind on my face after so much time in the hot indian and french I miss very much scandinavia....pata nahin kyon....
yesterday evening before dark I went for some shopping...I entered a kashmiri shop for some woolen items...the shopkeeper was really nice (and cute) but it seemed that everytime he put a new shawl on me he was getting closer and closer to me and trying to touch me more and more...a bit disturbing!...I hold not to laugh out loud cause I found it more funny than anything else...maybe he thought I would less bargain if he were more sweet to me, but pretty eyes never work on icy northern blondies!!

indian roads-Aug 16th, 2005 at 03:35 PM

some funny signs seen on indian roads:
-better late than never
-be mild on my curves
-safety drive on the road/safe tea at home
-if you are maried/divorce speed
-speed thrills/but kills

little tibet-Aug 20th, 2005 at 12:09 PM

Around Dharamsla in Himachal Pradesh are a lot of tibetan refugees. So there are a lot of tibetan monatries and buddhist temples...they are highy decorated with bright paitings and big gold statue of buddha...there are also lots of colored flags hangings all over's nice to feel like in Tibet while still in's like I visited another country without going too far...
i talked a while with a guy at thereception desk in the guest house....a tibetan refugee...very sad story, he was a monk in tibet but fled because of the chinese repression (chinese were regularly arresting monks, and then they forever disappeared), he had no family at all here in India, and did not really like indian cities, because they are dirty and busy...not like chinese ones...also coming from a village with famer parents it was a big cultural shock for him...and he is paid really peanuts: 3000Rs/months...

pragpur-Aug 22nd, 2005 at 01:10 PM

I was in the little village of pragpur yesterday...wonderful heritage village with many, many old buildings, well paved roads, and clean!!! I loved to tour the village with that old govt guide (78 years old!), he asked me my religion, I answered i am muslim...and then he explained me that musulman was a word coming from musalim, strong, and amin, that true? anyway he was really great when we visited the hidu temple, he passed before the statues of their idols they called gods, saying to me I guesss you are not interested by them! right guess, i was not...
At night i enjoyed the diner in the garden, in front of the little palace where i was I tried to tke pic, but at night I don't know if it is going to be fine...
another couple, desi, was staying at the hotel, a woman, her older uglier hubby and their cute young boy (1 or 2 years old)...when he started staring at me he couldn't stop smiling!...that was nice! i like babies...

old dehli: Aug 24th, 2005 at 02:54 PM

i have been walking in Old dehli this morning...narrow streets,many shops...verylively...i felt like it's not really like paris...but more than new dehli or any other city visitedso farin india...probably the capital effect!!...I loved it really...everyone toldme that dehli is not pleasant...and many mean things but dehli,purani dilli,is great! I even saw very little cute cheeksin 2 boxes, one full of yellow cuties and the other of brown ones...i felt like kissing them shweeeet!!!!!!!!!

historic Dehli-Aug 25th, 2005 at 04:27 PM

I visited today, the historic Dehli...or a part of it, as Dehli is really big...
first i went to the area of Humayun is the tomb of a mughal emperor, that was built by her grieving is really the building who inspired Shah Jahan to build the Taj mahal....i love that red and white pretty...and the renovated gardens around are awsome! a real piece of paradise...water ponds, yellow frangipani and white jasmine, green parrot, big palm trees and cute squirrels...
I went to the edge of the city where Qutub minar lies, and at its feet the oldest masjid in India...Qutub is also made in that red/pink sandstone that ornate, the red fort of Dehli, or the humayun favourite building stone!
the mosque is in ruins but the minar is wonderfully preserved...all the Quran carving are in perfect state...and I allways felt a frisson when seeing those carving on the tombs i visited....indo-islamic architecture is the one that speak to my heart as well as my That was a good day!
i also saw the lotus temple, a white big lotus like modern construction, for meditiation surrounded by small pool like ponds...but stinking! I have to say i hate hindu and other temples...they might be pretty i just feel alien there and can't contemplate anything...their rituals are toomuch for me!

waggah/attari border-Aug 26th, 2005 at 12:32 PM

When I was in Amritsar, before coming back to Dehli I decided that i was close enough to PK not to miss the opportunity to see I went to the famous Attari border station, Wagah on the PK side....I was really excited to see Pakistan for the first time! and felt so emtional when i heard the pakistani crowd singing pakistan zindabad!...and the nice green and white flag swinging in the wind...or thanx to energic men dressed in green salwar qameez with a white crescent and star in the middle!
It was a great show, military guys very tall, in funny costumes did a prarde on each side...while the crowd was exhorted to shout patriotic slogans, along with loud desi that each side could not hear the other the end they pulled down the flags...indian on indian side, pakistanis on pakistan side...shut a last time til the next day, the border....
very emotional and fun experience as the public...numerous was really enthusiastic...especially those young punjabi guys dancing on bhangra rythmn...i liked it!

today I love dehli-Aug 26th, 2005 at 03:01 PM

I wanted to experience the brand new modern metro of Dehli...had seen a sign "subway" near lahore gate (close to red fort, in old dehli) so decided to go there again this is one mile away from my hotel...but there i found out that it was a sub-way under the road!!!!!!!!!!! dispointed i wanderd aimless in the uplifting sight was the mosque so I walked in the mosque (JAMA MASJID) direction...and try to lose myself in the Meena market...i bought a prayer carpet and then....explored more old dehli....i was lost really, and thirsty....suddenly a dabha where I could purchased water...and then...a metro station!!!!!!!!
providence finally found me! so i came down, purchased a ticket to "connaught place" while I did not know the name of the station where i was and where i was going to??
but i took it...looked very deep in the line map on the train..decided Rajiv Chowk should be my stop...asked at the TikaT corner...and finally out i saw the bright light of the white shop-building of Connaught Place (ie CP)!!
walked in the circle till I found a music aim! and bought 10 CDs!!
-dil se
-dhoom machala
-aashiq banaya aapne
-bunty aur babli
-chandi ki doli from Sonu
-kangna from Dr Zeus
-Huqi pani from Ali Zafar
for only 1369 Rs...half the price of indian CDs in Paris...and five times less as wetern music in cheap!
then i was thirsty again, so i bought a pepsi at a stall, and the guy asked me why I had a veil over my face...i said "too much sun" he thought it was because of too much sand! and added "you like to be very pretty!"...yes i india taking care of one white complexion means liking to be pretty! cool so i am pretty?
I took again the metro to come is only 6 Rs oe way for two stations...from Old dehli to CP I have to say metro is the cheapest and safest and quickiest mode of trasportation...I almost felt like home you know paris subway is such a great thing to now i can say I love much than Paris...

muslim world-Aug 26th, 2005 at 03:29 PM

yesterday i changed room from a small room without window to a bigger one with window...cause i am in dehli one week so i wanted a nice room...even if I have to pay a little extra*sigh*
so i looked out and saw a big 5 or6 stores building with a minaret and in front of my room...mosque, madrasa? anyway at 4.45 AM this morning "Allah akbar, Allah akbar..."very loud in my room cause I am on the 4th floor so in front of the speakers from the minaret!!! as i had start sleeping around 0.00AM I was really sleepy...but felt good to hear that cause in france it is forbidden....*snif*
this morning when I opened the window...I finally saw it...take it into many times I tried but it was too fast too far for me...and then suddently it felt as if I could touch it, capture it, make it mine...the king of eagle! quietly sitting on the public 4th floor level, so right infront of my window!
after my shopping in CP, I had to come back from the station to my hotel...2 roads to chose from? i took one...walked in this market...kafi musulman tha...and felt really good to see all those guys from the little boys to old men in white dress with white cap on their heads and some ladies in the streets with their abayas...I saw people (all male) going out of a masjid after friday prayer...i can't explain how good it felt for me to be there like the first time in my life in a muslim place...i mean all the area was muslim...and i've never been in any muslim i had like frissons all over cause of emotion and happiness.......

last evening I ate at moti mahal restaurant...and had kulfi is open air place, with live qawwali...great, i love kulfi!!!!!!!!!!

dehli agaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnn-Aug 27th, 2005 at 12:17 PM

This morning i took rishaw to Nizamudin shrine....what a deception that ladies are not alowed inside the shrine*mad*....aren't women and men equal acording to islam??? anyway that place was more used by hindus than just looking tking pics and then....the last mughal building of dehli built in! gorgeous, another red and white building like humayun tomb but smaller, inside a pretty garden with an alley of ponds surroundede by palmtrees....I really love it...took many many pics...
then i went to lodi garden...very pleasant place where you can chill out in the palm or fragipani shadow, surrounded bu cute squirrels...and there are two old tombs and a former masjid inside...
then i went to the very famous Karim's front of the Jama masjid..the cooking recipes are secrets dating back to the mughal time....they were court cooks from Saudi Arabia orginally...
and ordered chicken Noorjahani...because I am Noor, and people here usually say, noor ooh like Noor Jahan!....delicious!....a real treat the sauce was light green due to some pistachio i guess, and the naan was the most delicious I had tasted here in india...well i rarely eat bread honestly.
After I did some shopping in near Jama masjid: a lota, a namaz carpet, some bracelets, kajal for the eyes, some little medals with coranic inscriptions...the merchant asked me where you from? I said france, he said good, then whats your name I said Noor, he said mashallah...then asked muslim? I said yes..he was then speechless!...I learnt to shop the indian way...with my veil on my face people are less aware I am not indian, so I say " kitne hai?...get an answer in indian, and the price is lower than in english!!! for ex tha medals were do rupae, but five indian price was given first to me...i got 5 medals for 10 rupess!!!!!!!!

bargain-Aug 29th, 2005 at 02:36 PM

I was buying again a bottle of water yesterday...12 rupees, but i had no 2 rupees coin so i gave 15 expecting some change but the vendor had not...i was so fed up with those no change common in India, that i laugh hard saying"no coin you are joking with me??" so he said ok for11 rupees!!...I never bargain that great than when I am upset!
In India, don't be nice or you'll loose rude and you'll be rich!

praying and shopping-Aug 29th, 2005 at 02:46 PM

I went to jama masjid this morning..i was quite surprised to find peoplo feeding pigeons in the courtyard of the is digusting...**** and feathers of those animals are can that be in a mosque where people are supposed to be clean to pray??
anyway i found most people doing anything else than praying...not very religious atmosphere at all..mostly a tourist place i think, cause it is beautifull and big...that is all...quite disappointing i have to say..
then i finished my shopping in the bazaar, I wanted rose attar..i found it, of course cheaper than in france..
then i couldn't resist buying gold bracelets...because I had bought some cheap fake bangles...but with the sweat they cause my a rash...i am allergic! so only gold for me! was really expensive...the funy story is I wanted to buy one bracelet...and thought the price was high...i hesitated thinking i could probabably find better bets in Dubai...but it is a souvenir from india, and i would probably not find the same so... anyway i bought it...but when the jeweller packed it, i discovered that I just had bought 2 bracelets!!!!!!!!!! reason why the price was high!
I am very happy with the kajal i bought 2 days I bought 2 more to bring home is only 10Rs...which is at least 50 times less than in france!...and desi kajal is so better than western make up..I mean when i try to put these western eyeliner in my eyes, in 1 hour it has gone down on my eyelids, making me looking like an old tired racoon...but desi kajal stays inside the eyes and the color of my eyes is highlited!

last day-Aug 30th, 2005 at 11:04 AM

sad is my lastday in india I am flying bak to Paris tonight, my plane leaves new dehli at 00.35 AM tomorrow I have checked out my room and put again my sneakers before going out to the cyber cafe, while my luggage are locked somewhere in the hotel...
it is really hot these days in Dehli..but I handle it...38 degrees according to internet...but in france it is 27 at I'll get chilled tomorow...but it will be sunny so at least, I will not lose everything...
this morning i went for my last shopping around the Jama masjid in old dehli...some perfume, some clothes...and i finally found an idea to bring a souvenir to my dad..It is allways difficult for me to buy a present to my dad cause i never know what to i bought pretty traditional shoes..he could either wear them at home or hanging them somewhere for decoration cause they are really pretty!

home-Aug 30th, 2005 at 01:50 PM

and i am home! is now 10o'clock in the morning and i feel like it is not really day..because the light of the sun is so shy...and the home is so cold..outside too..and it is so quite, no animals and no horns in the streets...i feel alien, hopefully i am listening to some bangra brought from india...
I begun downloading photos on my computer...hopefully I'll post some later...when gupshup solve its uploading issue...
after leaving the cyber cafe yesterday night i had diner...paneer with tomato sauce *miam*, and some chocolate ice cream...first in india...anyway seems that enjoying indian food ain't bad for figure..I lost 3 kilos during these 6 weeks...On the plane I was sitting next to a NRI coming back to NY....
Allah ka shukar, the plane seats seem more and more big to I could stretch my legs up over me to get rid of tiredness and have a good sleep after, so I slept quite well...and this travel seemed quite short to me...but the hour to wait for the suitcaes seems really long!! hamdullilah i have them all...32kg of checked in luggage that i had to carry after in the trains to my home...and especially to my home, because the station is 1km from home and in the valley, while my home is more uphill...a arms got weaker during this I already did some weight lifting...straight after putting my suitcases in my room....

Paris-Sep 2nd, 2005 at 03:40 PM

did I miss it?...not really...
yesterday i realise how I missed the bright indian sun as the sky was all covered by thick grey clouds...
then i needed to go to Paris to the cybercafe to log on and spend hours on I was out...again those african guys after me*sigh*rolleyes*...hmmm the good thing about slimming is that i feel so much more healthy, for example i did not feel any jetlag...any tiredness after the travel, I am as fresh as if I had not spend 6 weeks travelling but relaxing on a beach...
the bad thing about slimming is that I need to go shopping for some new and smaller clothes....but i hate it...and also that guys are...well...more numerous after me....and i hate it too...

it has been less then 3 days since i am back home and where did i go today?
hmmm indo-paki area!
bought some garam masala,
cause step mom asked me yesterday,
then went to travel agency to inquire about delays for visa to I am on holidays till next month why not goint to week?...cheaper also than in december...
then bought 2 DVD of Bollywood films: Dus and Bunty aur Babli

shopping day-Sep 3rd, 2005 at 05:12 PM

I went shopping...I had seen some nice gold chains to put on some medals I i bought them today....when going to the shopping center...there were 2 lil kids in their gardens...they smiled at me and one said" good morning cat's piss head"(in french)*bummer* it cause of my hair color? or he just did not know the meaning....*sigh* kids!!!!!!!!
later i saw the garbage collecting truck...usually I think it stinks and stay as much away from it as i can...but this morning...i thought...ooooh some smelll, I miss smells...from India *cry*...and then i enjoyed smelling that again, khair, I am addicted.....hopefully i'll go to PK soon....

luckily the weather is hot and sunny...I love it, so much...

I bouhgt papaya...I like so much exotic fruits...
and some very light pants in coton, cause PK is still hot in september...yes I had to buy new clothes to fit my slimmer figure...
I bought also another pair of shoes, thought I had bought many in India....because right after getting of the train in a nearby village to of my shoes broke down*cry*so i had to walk slowly to the next shoe shop....i found very comfy shoes...not bad looking, but soo expensive....
today my dad subscribe to a new unlimited internet i'll flood from home anytime soon ....tonight and after.....

Paris as a tourist-Sep 5th, 2005 at 04:15 PM

I had a barbecue with my dad, step mom, sis and her bf, yesterday the garden, under the shadow of the great!....first time i saw my sister since i was back in france...
then i went to Paris to see a friend from uni...she discovered India movies thanx to me, when watching Kal ho na ho at the cinema with me
Now she is a fan of SRK and mostly Saif Ali Khan (she thinks he is too hadsome) we had a masala cai together...i told her about my trip in India, and my plans for PK...then we walked in a quiet street few miles from North to south untill the Seine banks....looking at pretty monuments...Paris is soooo nice!
But in that streets were a lots of prostitue on the pavement waiting for clients...seems there were more prostitue than people walking in the street....*sigh* well that street though pretty...had a part full of sex shops and exotic dance weird area...though it was really empty, cause sunday is we enoyed talking almost alone a clean quiet street...very exotic for me compare to the fuss and dirtiness of India!
We stopped a while talking and looking on a bridge on the Seine...looking at the islands and the cathedrale Notre Dame...then sat close to a fountain...full of bubbly soapy water!
But at the end of the day, i felt pain in my throat and lungs cause of the pollution, and today my voice is close to exctinction...

Apr 4, 2007

flight to pakistan

i had a wonderful sunset over Irak wednesday evening...we were flying downsouth the Tiger valley and the sky was totally red over the pretty the time we reached Kuwait it was dark so I saw the lights of the city illuminating the port...
I landed Bahrein finally one hour later. I was transiting few hours there...when I reached the lounge I saw a crowd of guys in salwar qameez and big beards sitting together and thought immediately that these were the guys taking the flight to i went to sit not far..but not too close, cause only guys...they were also waiting for the gate to be shown on screen before going to boarding area...when most opf them had moved...I did...they looked at me so strangely when they realised I was also taking their!
I wanted to board as soon as the annoucement was made, but being one of the two females traveling...was not allowed too! i had to wait...untill the staff arranged both of us to sit not close to men*sight*..anyway i met this young girl Aisha, in long black abaya and niqa traveling back home after 9 years in Bahrein...we chatted english...
at diner time the air hostess was so pleased, she said that we were the only two english speaking people in that flight!...and she added i guess girls are smarter than men!

thursday 15th, my first day in Peshawar

and first meet with guppies!!!!!!!!! So after landing, stamping passport, taking back my checked luggage, I met BM, GS and ASA at the airport..they drove me to the guest house. It is nice, big and in the garden is my favourite tree: a frangipani!
An armed guard is patrolling in front of the guest i dunno if i should feel safe...or in danger, lol...
serioulsy we went to visit the nice university campus and its small archeological museum thereafter...
we went to the afghan refugee camp outside the city...and the atmosphere is out of time! there are small squared clay houses in rows, and smalls shops where men are working, women are passing by wrapped in their burqa and children learn how to catch a truck soon as they are big enough to walk...
We had lunch in a fine restaurant where i met a pashto singer, that i knew from listening intensively to prior to go to peshawar...i tasted brain in mad cow countries it is now strictly i consider it a priviledge...and then also some green tea flavoured with cardamon...
at night we went to the market that is a little more crowded after dark...and i enjoyed some typical dish standing at a street stall...
then we met in the street Wran went for a nice fresh mango juice somewhere...delicious!!!!!
finally we went to drink some soda flavoured with lemon and black salt....eeeeeeekkkk, that tastes so like rehydration drink taken in India when I was sick....but it was somewhat good anyway...

friday 16th, second day in Pekhawar

so i visited more of the city by car today. I started with the poet mod, who as an artist took me to visit a designer studio. I had ther for the first time a flashy yellow soda drink called "mountain dew"...then we toured the city litterally on the ring gave me the impression that Peshawar...or Pekhawar as people here pronounce it, is very big...but not dense.
It is less crowded than most indian cities, there are less traffic, especially rickshaws. It is also far more clean, because there is less garbage on the streets and very few animals s***ing everywhere and no men peeing in the streets.
In the afternoon I went with ASA and BM in the old market, qisakhwani bazaar, and tour in the small streets, looking at the diverse shops, selling clothes, jewellry, fruits, tea, fish, meat...and we tasted kulfi faluda and kheer in small shops, men are usually sitting outside, while women are hidden inside behind thick curtains. The kulfi was not as good as the one I was enjoying in purani dilli, three weeks ago...but the kheer was better than those i had in India.

friday 16th, second day in Pekhawar

so i visited more of the city by car today. I started with the poet mod, who as an artist took me to visit a designer studio. I had ther for the first time a flashy yellow soda drink called "mountain dew"...then we toured the city litterally on the ring gave me the impression that Peshawar...or Pekhawar as people here pronounce it, is very big...but not dense.
It is less crowded than most indian cities, there are less traffic, especially rickshaws. It is also far more clean, because there is less garbage on the streets and very few animals s***ing everywhere and no men peeing in the streets.
In the afternoon I went with ASA and BM in the old market, qisakhwani bazaar, and tour in the small streets, looking at the diverse shops, selling clothes, jewellry, fruits, tea, fish, meat...and we tasted kulfi faluda and kheer in small shops, men are usually sitting outside, while women are hidden inside behind thick curtains. The kulfi was not as good as the one I was enjoying in purani dilli, three weeks ago...but the kheer was better than those i had in India.

saturday 17th, third day in Pekhawar

I went to Charsade today...Attia aur Sandleen ke lie!!!! so indeed I have some pic of the city and river banks, where we came to eat some fish barbecue. yummmy! there was very nicely decorated baots cruising on the river while playing some nice music..either Bollywood or pashto...
Tonight we had a nice diner on a roof top, with some live pashto music...a nice day...again!