Apr 4, 2007

flight to pakistan

i had a wonderful sunset over Irak wednesday evening...we were flying downsouth the Tiger valley and the sky was totally red over the horizon...so pretty view...by the time we reached Kuwait it was dark so I saw the lights of the city illuminating the port...
I landed Bahrein finally one hour later. I was transiting few hours there...when I reached the lounge I saw a crowd of guys in salwar qameez and big beards sitting together and thought immediately that these were the guys taking the flight to Peshawar...so i went to sit not far..but not too close, cause only guys...they were also waiting for the gate to be shown on screen before going to boarding area...when most opf them had moved...I did...they looked at me so strangely when they realised I was also taking their plane...lol!
I wanted to board as soon as the annoucement was made, but being one of the two females traveling...was not allowed too! i had to wait...untill the staff arranged both of us to sit not close to men*sight*..anyway i met this young girl Aisha, in long black abaya and niqa traveling back home after 9 years in Bahrein...we chatted english...
at diner time the air hostess was so pleased, she said that we were the only two english speaking people in that flight!...and she added i guess girls are smarter than men!

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