Aug 15, 2007


I fear that dog shit
Like the wolves call
I tells me to quit
Civilisation and all
I sat my ass on moss
And stared at the sun
Enjoying fading cross
Dying soon for lack of fun

I run like a hungry deer
Looking for open graze
Strong old wild instinct
Is blushing my craze
I hunted in the forest
Caught some game for diner
While you took rest
I'll share as you're my lover

I painted some bears
But blew off the lights
Before out of fears
So you hold me tight
Hence i won't fall
But i fell for you
Empty space on cavewall
Is neither print nor clue
But a love marker
Filled of imagination
In the frozen long winter
May you only keep me alive
Tight by descendant bonds
We're forever together

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