Feb 29, 2012

Whispering ghosts

There was a time when walls use to talk
A time when heating pipes used to scream
There was a time when roof used to crack

Darkness engulfed in our eyeballs
Loud rapid hearbeats screaming with pain
Fear for life, yet felt so alive
Nothing can compare, hence we feel numb

Feb 12, 2012

Above the cliff

One latest frail vow to honour
Ergo, still and peaceful farewell
A kiss, a smile and a golden sunset
Forever within blue horizon kept

I'm just curious where this last path lead, 
and look at the mirror one last time
Bold, brave and tearless, 
content about what's been done.

Feb 7, 2012

I had a dream

Paradise is a mythical garden.
Fields were the theatre of slavery.

In order to strive for less suffering among humanity,
 more social equality and greater enjoyment, 
I dreamt to replace fields by gardens.

The practical consequences of such a revolution
 would be seen especially on our plates 
where all kinds of fruits and leaves would 
replace baked goods and industrial meats.

If only turning our plates upside down
 could bring down to Earth paradise...
That was just a dream.