May 24, 2007

slowly, madly, deeply

I'm loosing sleep, loosing appetite....getting too much excited about new projects, while I'm burying old feelings...
I am faithless but full of hopes for a future where dreams have no limit...
The more I age the younger my friends my passions can't get extinct. My free travelling mind escapes the harsh realities of consumerist life
I discover more and more the imperious want of you, and him, and her, and me!
I do love this world, when the days seem to have no end, and my eyes turn green to the golden sun

There is a sweet breeze, cute memories of you and a soft touch in this summer air, but somehow my heart cries alone at night when I listen to a sad song, I cant help but feeling my tears forming in the corner of my eyes, though i'm too shy to drop them, i swallow salty water, not to show my sorrrow.
I don't know who I love, nor what love; is but I feel the pain of missing you.