May 26, 2007

I've felt in a vitamin bottle, as a genie in the bottle, could you deliver my brain from this euphoric state?
I've felt in a sour and bitter potion, that tears my appetite from large to nothing. I feel anything hard to swallow, is it from the salty tears?
I'm struck by the thickness and weight of the air, as if suddenly all the surroundings had turned into a giant aquarium, where i'm the whale, In jail turning around, a motion without progress.
I'm stuck in a circle thinking, a loop where anything sounds and seems like a nightmare, although, I can see the shining glitter of a star filtering from a hole in my bad ideas.

The evanescence of my evaporating body image reflects the shadow of larger clothes, but the veil is slipping down, and a stronger muscular identity jump higher to catch opportunities to dream longer and wider.
The arrow missed the target, and the circle of life is broken...