Mar 28, 2011


I am into personal developement these days, and thought keeping a personal journal might be useful to 'activate my inner wisdom'.
So a starting point

I am wild.

I will not surrender.

I would like to live more fully.

I will quit my job, move to Scandinavia, trekk on Iceland and Lappland this summer.

I love sunsets, blond hair, green forests, deep blue sky and really long evenings.

I hate pollution, urbanization, globalization, neocons, liberals, skycrapers, cars and dummies.

2. What advice would you give yourself at this time in your life?

Trust your instinct

3. What three major choices brought you to this point in your life?

not sure what 'this point' is...really

4. Looking back, what three things do you wish you had tried?

ditching France earlier.......

....more tmw