Aug 8, 2007

life...just free

Free also means you don't have to pay for it....

Just read these lines
I am: my love, my joy, my senses, my poetry, my logic, my smile, my dance, my hugs, my kisses, my pleasure, everything for free, just as you
I don't pay to enjoy life, you don't pay to enjoy me
But i have nothing, nothing to sell,
I have nothing to sell, and that's what they hate me for, those who want a share of my money, but i have no money, so i am worthless to them

sun is free, so they made smoke to hide it
rain is free, so they built ceilings to steal it
trees were a free shelter, so they cut them
animals were free foodstores, so they invented zoos
lakes and rivers were a swim playground, so they poisoned them
grass was a smooth carpet, so they built roads
fishes were freely traveling, so they took them in a net
blacks were free, so they slaved them
Who are they? my enemies, my fears, my sickess, my hate, my stress
But they let me go, so I am not free...