Dec 18, 2013

Amber mood

Cultural masks protect us from lack of self confidence.
You hang piles of scantily dressed pouting pictures 
Spinning recurring social webs like a senile spider
There is no download key for happiness software

Sadness overflow, cut through wounds, a lurch
Amber mood, like sap pearling down a birch
Peeling off bark, running along the beech alley
Rub your skin and skip down the beach way

Like a caterpillar in a dark slumber I wait for summer
When sunlight fade your smile is a shining wonder
Ignite my mind, radiant energy, bitter harmony
Let the sky fall, Moon tears slip on my nose
You put a cross through my lips, silent prose


Dec 3, 2013

some shades of grey

You painted my world in shades of black and white
I feel like a stranded wooden trunk in a storm
Dark grey spots tearing the sky down to sea foam
Death is an old lithography drawn from carbon ashes
Memories of beautiful lives that clung to my heart
I hear your high laughs and see your sparkling blue eyes
But your small soft hand slips away behind a thin skin
I strive to break free but I am trapped in an elastic bubble
On the wrong side of the multiverse where it is silent


Oct 7, 2013

Afraid to be happy?

I don’t believe in souls or gods, I studied hard and soft sciences and prefer rational, logical explanations. So I genuinely thought I was immune to magical thinking, only to discover that I still hold irrational beliefs.

My superstition number one is: whenever I touch happiness, it slips from me as I reach to grasp it. Therefore I have been suffering stupidly from avoiding to engage in satisfying pursues that are dear to my well-being. As if doing what I love could make my newly acquired happiness crumble.

That’s a terrible mistake for three reasons: friends are not going to run away because I do what I want. And if they did they wouldn't be true friends, so I shouldn't be afraid of fully embracing my weirdness.
Secondly forgetting that I need loneliness, physical challenges and a rather strict (austere? ascetic?) routine can only lead me to feeling dissatisfied, unhealthy and unable to tend those precious relationships.  
Thirdly if I focus too much on fitting in people’s agendas I forget that my dreams are bigger, harder to achieve but so much more worth pursuing than some praise or petty money. Finally there is limited reservoir of happy moments that would run out if I'm enjoying life too much, so only misery would await in the future. This is a scarcity mindset much ingrained from a mining metaphors: finite resources can get depleted. However if you live in the forest, you quickly realize that each spring leaves grow back and each summer fruit are ripe, unless you cut the trees...

The take home message for anyone reading my confessions:

1. listen to yourself in order to know what you like

2. what feels right must be done over and over again

3. dream big in bright colors and paint your reality points by points

4. don’t give up until your masterpiece is achieved

5. walk in the forest as often as possible, move in if you can!


Sep 30, 2013

Tales of sunset

Goodbye September 

My neurons bathes happily in a unique hormonal mix I recreated by listening to last year autumn playlist and dancing under the setting sunrays. Every move stimulate different muscle and joints which boosts some blood rush to my glands and sends a gleeful shot of soothing chemicals to mind. While I harmoniously stretch my whole body in sync with psychedelic trance music, every tension is released like burst bubbles that tickle my heart. Warm citrus colored sunrays melt my heart as sparkles of emerald, sapphire and amber brighten up our eyes. Hair swings like twigs and shines like gold and bronze. Sunset stretches over and over again like a multiple orgasm coming in waves and surprisingly returning while fading away until birches finally swallow the latest gasp of light.

I love anything and anyone that comes across my wandering thoughts relentlessly, blissful sensation. Just as sun blinds if gazed at too directly, love could set fire to my mind. Yet I take steps and feel each moment bringing me closer to beauty and peace, I leave fear and embrace love fully and I fall safely into fluffy angels wings like the gentle pink clouds. After a frantic summer marked by exhilarated senses, shared feasts and nightless dreams, autumn leaves us hollow. Hopefully vacuum is space for love fed by many summer discoveries.

I love hard and strong and if I fall and break, when I am healed the scar will remind me that pain vanishes soon but confidence lasts a lifetime. I don’t hold back and let each sun drop feed more energy, and I sink deeper into universal love. I carefully tie memories to the nightingales, blackberry bushes and woodshed in order to cherish them in the midst of the long winter. I weave colors, smells and feelings so that I cling on them when I am desperately cold and hopelessly lost in the black night. Thousand morning frostbites shape the northern child into a passionate strong heart.


Sep 24, 2013


I would like to show how to read news both critically and positively. 
1. Critically because even a long article from a serious source is usually only one side of a story. So reading comments from various people is enlightening as they point various flaws, add missing information and correct baseless assumptions.
2. Positively because it is easy to feel helpless while submerged by catastrophes, injustices and abuse that are so widespread in the human world. It is also easier to judge wrongdoers and point blaming fingers rather than actively searching for a solution. Implementing baby steps to support the vision of the world you want to see is what matters.

According to this article, lack of play is turning children into low-empathy narcissists with stunted creativity.
The author links the decrease of children freedom to the observed increase in mental disorders like depression and suicides in the second half of 20th century. The biggest lesson I want to remember is that actively teaching something to children is not desirable. Rather children should be encouraged to learn by themselves, mostly through play. Children need mentors rather than teachers, and learn from example rather than punishment and fear.

The next link is both very upsetting and puzzling. My feelings switched from horror to anger when reading the physical and psychological torture that some prisoners endure right now in Russia.
A glimpse into the comments put back the emotions into the broader picture of human rights’ violations which aren’t really limited to Russia. Unfortunately news about USA jails depicted as sweat shops and recent stories of whistle blowers being incarcerated for life have not really left any hope that the ”West” is actually fighting for freedom. 
Hence blaming Russia and asking or a boycott of business relations or the Olympic Games (as was suggested due to serious attack against homosexual people) jump to mind, but is this really efficient? Aren’t ordinary peaceful citizens unnecessarily deprived by such actions? 
China is the most populated dictator state in the world; it executes many human beings regularly, forbids freedom, pollutes heavily the atmosphere that we all share and breathe from and is well known for widespread animal abuse. Yet the computer I’m writing with now is probably mostly made in China, just as so many of our everyday objects.

I can easily refuse to buy a TV made in China to watch the Russian Olympic Games sponsored by sport brands that have their clothes & shoes made in Bangladeshi factories. Instead I’ll walk the forest and pick wild food or play with friends.


Aug 30, 2013

Flowing dream

Listening 20 times to same song in a trance like state and singing to release emotions,

Thoughts’ turmoil and feelings troubling my mind,

Sometimes all I need is a muse, but this feels like an aborted heartbreak, a liquid breach in my soul, flowing down the lagoon, clear, and saline like the Baltic Sea water. I can’t stop looking into the light playing over the moving surface, back and forth just like my thoughts, should I or not? These visions of my life look so real and so illusionary at the same time that I can’t stop doubting that truth could ever exist. Even my own image is ebbing and flooding, my unstable self is lost somewhere in translation between what was and what is real.

When almost everyone is gulping happily a vision of the future that has been designed by some external media, I frown in disgust and stop looking. I may keep my eyes open and see, yet my awareness is directed towards my taste. Do I like this or that? Do I prefer these or those? Where do I want to be? Who do I really want to hug? What is it that I really would like to do if I were totally free?
No I don’t really question myself rather I visualise what feels good, nice and pleasurable. I overindulge in my fantasized hedonist inner paradise. The more I daydreamed, the more I could see how it would look like. And from these first images my imagination built scenarios which would get modified with acquired experience and painful mistakes. I don’t question myself but I adjust the parameters of the dream world.


Aug 17, 2013

The harmonious web

I feel secure. There is a safety net all around me when I close my eyes. Suddenly I hold them open yet the panoramic scenery is unfolding without robbing my inner vision. From this third eye I visualise a multi-dimensional matrix of connexions all around me while wild awake. It looks like a spider web. Any thread is sticky and incidentally unbreakable. I can fall a long way without fear. A corner of my mind intuitively infers the protective knots from a dumbing massive influx of information. Somewhere knots tie dozens of thread together, other places are simple crossroads. Most threads are so thin that I barely notice them, bar their glimmer, although it appears thicker randomly anywhere. Is the flow disrupted?  

Dreams about flying and nightmares about free falling are over. Each step in life evolves along selected uneven mats of threads and they can be jumped to and from. This does not require flight nor fall. If any step is neither right nor wrong then an obvious property of the web is amorality. Each thread is shiny and reflects a soothing strong white light usually. Any time vibration along threads may diffract light rays, so harmony distils selected scope of the rainbow towards the higher frequencies: blue, indigo, and violet.

Striking various chords in a chosen order plays the music of causation. The outcome of this deterministic song seems as hazardous as the success of a new tune. However music is exquisite when a virtuoso is crawling on the web of imagination. Intuitions appear as colourful sounds embedded in time and space. It is not only vain but futile to tear apart the web in order to locate where and when it happens. It happens within a frame that is ephemeral. Observing the frame is like catching time. I can count second but I would be a fool to pretend that this second is like last second. Otherwise time would stop to flow. Life is not, life has become.