Nov 30, 2011

Into the wild

Confusion, dullness,
 if only they stopped asking what I don't wanna give,
let me go. Relapse time.

Wanna shy away because you remind me of prospective realities, 
and honestly I just wanna dream, alone, far.

I like being that foreign stranger no one knows,
I can wander alone and never being asked who I am or why I live,
 because I'm no one, and I live for nothing, 
but these answers hurt so I don't wanna talk,
 hence if you don't talk my language, I love you.

Alone lies danger, would I survive? 
I guess that's why no one ever let me go.
Hence I'm never asking.

Now I bitterly regret my cowardliness, 
I shall never live incongruently again, 
the sorrow to have to live more is even greater.

Everything has an end, even dreams, even hope, even life.