Apr 18, 2014


You can't see what I see, you can't feel what I feel but between those lines, you may grasp who we were, once upon a time, before life left us. We are childless souls bound to dirt particles. We are ghost upon Earth, weird wandering demons salvaging wilderness to ornate dangling flesh pieces. Our brightest star, Sun is setting the rhythm of our mental life, up and down with our consciousness.

If I lie to you as much as I lie to myself, you may believe I was real, but I was never oneself. I had been, I was and will always be a heteroclite bundle of feelings fading away and twisted within my memory realm. Those words are anamorphosed by the limited semantic range of my language knowledge and your own, necessarily different understanding.

Anything we feel doesn't absolutely exist, we merely compare now to somewhere before and evaluate how it values against. Sometimes we lack words for it and we forget. Somewhere else we are so profoundly moved we store all our now&here perceptions forever. However it only exists until anyone forgets about it, whether my senile brain or how to interpret those sounds and, or shapes, that we call language.