Dec 28, 2008

The Curse- a counter biblical story

Isn't it ironic that tonight on the news, there were once again tales of war in the Middleast?

Isn't it cynical that the land who might have been the original place where humanity sined at first, by inventing agriculture, is still cursed by an endless war?

Aren't they forever damned these early tribes, semitic people, who chose to get out of the peacefull garden of Eden? They got trapped in the illusion they could do as God, and cultivate food, so that they would grow forever.

Delusioned, they might be: these great grand children who haven't left the 'promised land' for more prosperous land, have realised they're jailed in a useless desert, and sentenced to forever fighting each other for drops of Jordan water.

short reading list:
-Ishmael, Daniel Quin
- Against the grain, Richard Manning