Oct 1, 2016


We appear close when we touch, yet we are a few million years apart.

Your tunes keep me awake until I finally can tell these visions of awe. The deepest I bury my dreams, the most violently they explode back into my veins.
I am still hanging in that tree, looking at the branches and memorizing all the leaves. Woods are not a cathedral they stand tall whatever the sismic activity, and no one needs to believe, a forest grows effortless, for free.
I know what comes first and what comes next. I have seen all those places and I remember them. I do not need a picture because it is forever in my head. I put my ass on the ground and stuck my fingers in the dirt, I saw the stars and felt the wind, it will clean the air tonight. I laid still staring at a tarantula, hoping I could freeze my blood, but she went. Like my friends, gone with the night. Up is my disco night, flashing billion years of matter birth.

Do you feel the flow? your blood rush, your breath, the wind swirl, the waves break, bird fly, mosquito dance, so much flow, just let go. The most intimate spasms shake slower than my running thoughts. You woke my words and I have begun to feel human for a few hours. If I could hear pictures and feel colorful emotions I would keep quiet, as usual. But you are nothing but usual, rare like gold.
Some drink, pill or smoke their mood to deadly stillness, I live the passionate highs that kiss me inside out, and acid torments that blaze my illusions like an arctic storm. Why buy what's already inside me?

I wish I could still cry, now I am too empty, there is no more baggage to unload. I don't want anything anymore, no wealth, no fame, not even you. Since I close my eyes with burning veins, I stopped caring. twinkling moons and soothing plants are my home, my safe, my care. All I can is dance and sing, and swim. I belong to the eldest beings, and I feel them like nothing else. I am a few million years apart, good night, sleep tight.