Sep 15, 2007

the wave of life

Frustrating, exhilarating, mind blowing
From anxious mind stuck to lightest happiness
My mood surfs the ocean broad life wave
Floating on top my eyes are lost
Overlooking earths finite dimension
I feel an illusion of power and eternity
It's as if I could swim hard for ever
I think the world as a blue coconut
Travelling the milky way to nowhere
Prisoner of tsunami's waterwall
My limits are back in a moodfall
But no liquid can prevent me
From jumping on H2O molecules
Looking for elementray particules
Finding nothing but flowing energy
As ever I'm wandering the sinuous path
Over the hills, down the sunny green valleys
Crossing clear or tempetuous torrents
Encountering nightgales or bears and wolves
If I got frightened I would never know
What's laying down there over the snowcap
So I won't stop by listening to tying witches
But who cares what's left undone?
Who will count my sins and victories?
Catch me if u can whistled the wind
But swinging, swimming, singing, dancing
Kept on going the gay junkie
Riding my way, the life's wave