Jul 2, 2009

hot in the air

It's hot in the air.
A violent breaze is crashing on the city.
From here at twighlight: red sky, hot air, thunders, pandemic virus, rising joblessness look gloomy...
That may be "slow crash"? exciting, confusing, saddening...so many feelings to enjoy.
Therefore I wish to lighten the atmosphere, with some light songs, soft skin and a bubbly smile.

Megacity remains idle: so many possibilities that lay on statitics and never come true.
Here I feel reality has vanished into a virtual wired network, phone cables and wifis, braodband Internet and mobile microwaves.
People are stripped from souls: they have second life. They are void of beauty: they have money.
They wander and never meet: what could they recall except from propaganda from TV?
There ain't no time to get old, only for cosmetics.

What else? You could be and not have...Let it be and trash this all.