Aug 30, 2017


And roll the sea, melons and all feelings
They're vanishing with shoring waves
Immaterial flow of hopes and distrust
Only in the darkest nights can we see stars
Only in the sadest times can we feel paths

And stroll the forest, pines and all dreamings
They're cascading with various heights
Illusory copies of greatness and pride
Only in the clearest sky can we guess milky way
Only in the slowest pace can we find ourselves


Aug 29, 2017


I'm magnetized by your stare
Neither younger nor richer me could snare
Yet your neck hypnotizes my eyes
I'm liquefied by your smiles

What makes me stronger is my dope
Your blunt and hurt I know I can cope
I seek the higher, hardest goal
I feel you can throw me to that bowl

Infinitely dark eyes like open sea
Sweetly haunting my sleepless nights
The flower tint of your cheeks
Flawlessly echoing the blush from your sights



Tout ce que je ressens 
Vers le haut me descend
J'ignore ce que je pressens
La vérité éclate douce amère
Comme les tomates de mer
qu'on déguste en fiers
La douceur de moi m'éloigne
Alors que la dureté me soigne
Ni la boue ni les ronces n'empoignent
On vogue vers l'inconnue connexion
Surpuissance et prémonition des émotions
Débranche la matrice, déconexion
Faire comme les autres ou attendre
Continuer le strip tease et apprendre
Danser vers l'équilibre et suprendre


Aug 17, 2017


If my dream is your eyes
My nightmare is your silence
Your words released an emotional tsunami
I shivered and all fluids left me emptied
Ready for a mind shift and blown away heart
Learning from the mirror you hold to my face
You walk the right path so I try and run behind
Sometimes I stumble and lose sight
It leaves a sidereal void between my life sparks
yet I keep fighting to better myself
I love you so deeply but joyfully
Your face is an open book, a shy smile
I just look up at the stars and you stand still

Aug 3, 2017


This guitar is a vessel that makes me
Sail the seas of my dreams wide awake
You turned my world to a monsoon storm
Ravishing my heart for a higher purpose
You call me home and I turn a deaf ear
I wanna curl here and far, hide and seek
You make me sick to my stomach
I ache and shiver but tears don't fall
As I strive to unfurl the mysteries at play
I feel like running away in the moist woods
And softly lay looking at the moon and stars