Aug 15, 2007

Eastern memories

I lost my dear love

In a black hole

Friendship is all I got

Draw the borderline

Walk the great wall

Travel in the middle empire

Write their sign ideas

On dried bamboo sheets

Lose yourself in green ocean

Encounter the Ying and Yang

Black and white as a panda

I am a dual little man

Strong woman in the wild

Perfume of jasmine

Pure taste of young tea

As sweet as silk

One can’t describe

My sweetness is my weakness

I hate to be liked

I only want your love

1 comment:

M.Saeed Khan said...

I loved you in past.I love you now.and i will love you forever.I did everything to forget you but you can't.What ever i do your image will remain in my heart.Each and every corner of london remind me of our days together.My heart cries from the the i lost you till now and i think it will stop crying with my death or till i accept me again.Love you for ever my love.