Aug 15, 2007

nature rythm

i looked into your pretty lovely eyes
How can i make you understand?
where i belong dusk and dawn are so long
At these times when angel whisper
divine love and worship in our souls
How can you imagine nightless days?

But green blood run in my veins
and my heart beats with seasons
when the cloudy sky blooms roses
we get dizzy like drugged
our dawns are red fires from hell
our dusks are golden light from paradise

at fall each brownish leaves falling down
as each piece of my broken crystal heart
then i get ready for the big sleep
echoed by billions of glooming stars
in the everlasting winter dark night
enhanced by sparkling ionic aurora

here the cold can make you blush
it turns your lips freeze purple
and this season rythm has swung
all my life since i was born
into this shaman tribe
I'm just a small faithfull girl
from the northernmost old world

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