Sep 13, 2008

some kind of reality

In a strange attempt to freee myself from human made limits, I have grown into a some kind of animal : I can not appreciate, nor create any form of art, for it’s the core difference between animals and humans. Furthermore it appears I’m unable to obey any form of laws, rules, social code of conducts, dress codes or gender roles. Though I’m intelligent enough to learn and understand them, I can never feel belonging somewhere inside these rules. As those rules gathered in a define collection sets a definite culture, I can never feel to be part of any culture. Therefore I allways feel alien, while belonging nowhere. However I’m curious to learn and understand their systems, how they technically arrange their societies. Anyway their values allways slip over my head by the end of the day.

I can only stare strangely at humans and their opposite feelings about life, they endlessly seem to want something and its straight opposite simultaneaously, which by nature’s supremacy of rules can never be reached. Thus I pity them : those I can only blame to know too little, or maybe dare too little (?), to reach their true nature, which by nature’s supremacy of coherence would guess what’s to want, the latter being in their reach.

I’m sure to agree with that famous french anthropologist: «living species are getting extinct at a frightening pace, human population is so dense that humanity is poisening itself internally, I think about the present world which I’m dying in. It’s not a world I like. »

Liking or not liking is not a real question, what’s there has to be dealt with anyhow. But I have not, I am not and shall not help humans getting out of the shit they have fucked themselves happily into. Cause I know they’re off better dying happy in their shit, than living clean wondering how to enjoy freedom.