Jul 8, 2007

tropical fever

When the weather gets hot and humid, the sky clouded by heavy monsoon signs, the air so thick that it should be cut into pieces before breathing; I feel like wearing little dress, and dancing with my sandals on caribbean rythms, slowly, madly, sensually.
When summer is here, i feel i'm somewhere else, eating tropical fruits under a palm tree, so my kitchen is filled with papayas, bananas, mangoes, etc...
Does Paris turn into a "playa", not really though our cute mayor would like it, but marketing events can't match my mood, so if I feel like I'm under tropics, I simply live as if I were there: relaxed, open minded, not in hurry, cooling, chilling....and sensual!

sent to Leo, 2007, June 24th, 22h24

In the vineyard

i opened up my vineyard,
gorgeous hidden secret in me.
o i feel fine and sweet!
plump like a little doll,
fresh like the mist you
exhale on the window &
draw a heart with a finger.
play hide and seek;
burst a bubble gum;
run on one foot;
build a sand castle;
cross the line and dream free;
wash my brain happy;
i feel a big wave of joy over me
sent to Leo, 2007, June 25th, 22h29

natural feelings

a rainfall: sharp crystal water as pure as water from original world, to clean and drink, away from pollution, reminiscent from a time when the world was not yet polluted by humans

a rainbow: symbol of the way see things, colorfull , meaningfull, because i feel in color, and my poems are trying to paint things and expressing a bit the way i put ideas through my dreaming mind

white ocean running on a dark volcanic shore, it's the power of nature, limitless ocean and young beach, that strikes me and calls back my roots, my instincts; i feel like walking & swimming naked, closing my eyes and feeling the power of the wind and current over my body, the strong smell of the salty sea through my nose...and the cold of Iceland on my skin...

there is water and sky on each picture because:

i have an infinite love for water
i'm lost in a blue paradise
floating over an ocean of sorrow
marvelling at a sky of loving stars
in between too deep and too light
balancing on the shore of life
passions and freezes
jumping in and out of the sea
sucking the blue orange but
glued to its icy side
when no one is melting my heart.

extract from a mail to Leo, dated 2007, June 25th, 22h57.