Dec 26, 2007


Somedays I simply miss you.
I feel void, and I don't even know what do I feel like doing once more.
Seems like I've been exploring all I wished
Seems like I've been meeting all those I wanted
And I am stranded on a desertic shore, all desire is gone
But I can't even tell you how much I need you

Dec 11, 2007

the days after

Heart and minds fully open
As naked in spirit as clothless
I smell him wherever around me
So I don't feel like washing
His eyes are as dark as a black hole
All I wish is to jump there, and float forever
No anger nor doubts can resist his charming smile
His words are allways sweet, but wise
I can't enough of his lips, as addictive as cocaine
I can't get enough of his arms, so tender
My reason tells me to keep on loving
My mind craves for his feelings
My eyes craves for his handsome airs
My body craves for his warmth and strentgh

Dec 3, 2007

Winter sight

Chicken skin, purple complexion
Winter sting, cold connexion
I love that pain, it's elating
I wish to stain, it's exciting
Crystal edges cutting harships
Low motion preserving fish
As the hunting snow leopard
I'm approaching the salmon lake
Young witch with heart in flake
I dare to whistle in the night
Under the vibrant photon fight
Silver drops of life falling in vain
White shades of fading cocaine
I soak under a swirling star rain
And my prints fly like a train