Sep 30, 2013

Tales of sunset

Goodbye September 

My neurons bathes happily in a unique hormonal mix I recreated by listening to last year autumn playlist and dancing under the setting sunrays. Every move stimulate different muscle and joints which boosts some blood rush to my glands and sends a gleeful shot of soothing chemicals to mind. While I harmoniously stretch my whole body in sync with psychedelic trance music, every tension is released like burst bubbles that tickle my heart. Warm citrus colored sunrays melt my heart as sparkles of emerald, sapphire and amber brighten up our eyes. Hair swings like twigs and shines like gold and bronze. Sunset stretches over and over again like a multiple orgasm coming in waves and surprisingly returning while fading away until birches finally swallow the latest gasp of light.

I love anything and anyone that comes across my wandering thoughts relentlessly, blissful sensation. Just as sun blinds if gazed at too directly, love could set fire to my mind. Yet I take steps and feel each moment bringing me closer to beauty and peace, I leave fear and embrace love fully and I fall safely into fluffy angels wings like the gentle pink clouds. After a frantic summer marked by exhilarated senses, shared feasts and nightless dreams, autumn leaves us hollow. Hopefully vacuum is space for love fed by many summer discoveries.

I love hard and strong and if I fall and break, when I am healed the scar will remind me that pain vanishes soon but confidence lasts a lifetime. I don’t hold back and let each sun drop feed more energy, and I sink deeper into universal love. I carefully tie memories to the nightingales, blackberry bushes and woodshed in order to cherish them in the midst of the long winter. I weave colors, smells and feelings so that I cling on them when I am desperately cold and hopelessly lost in the black night. Thousand morning frostbites shape the northern child into a passionate strong heart.