Apr 2, 2011


second part of my journal:

5. List three changes you'll need to make to live a more meaningful life.

i. Lose 55kg in 13 months
- I'm following a detox diet (organic veggies & fruits) for 10 days up until I head to a German clinic where I'll fast for 3 weeks.
=>Ideas for the following diet: paleo and a daily walk least 30 minutes, or...

ii. Walk in the wild
- week end trip to forests (to be implemented after the fast, ie in May)
- visiting Lappland in June (or some other part of Sweden, south coast maybe)
- a trek in Norwegian fjords, and Lofoten islands in July.
- touring Iceland in August

iii. Live in a peaceful place
- ideally close to hiking trails, lake or sea,
- within walking distance of food markets and future job (if any)
- either in a 'waklable' village or 'cyclable' small town

6. List 3 positive qualities that you feel proud of possessing. List 3 qualities that you'd like to develop.
still got to work on that!!

7. If you could try five new jobs over the next year what would they be?

- working in public parks, planting flowers, cutting branches, guiding visitors to remote places
- leading groups of people into the forest for hikes
- teaching science to teenagers
- healing people with plants
- managing a B&B