Dec 8, 2009

Adapting to chaos

Tonight in the subway back home, two unknown colleagues (we're 10 000coworkers in the same place....) were talking about climate change.
One sentence really caught my thought flow:"where's the truth?, who is right?"

Then I remembered quantum physics: reality isn't about absolute truth, rather about probabilties and truthS relative to their observation 'angle'...
I thought these young jeans clad guys were IT staff, cause they though in a really binary way, but outside computing they ought to know that in life, nothing is so clear cut than binary maths.

Really some part of the Sahara are getting dry, but some parts of Europe are flooded: so is climate drier or wetter?wasn't it supposed to be 'only'1 degrees hotter, but some mountains are 4° above average, so where's the truth?

There is no single thruth, cause there is no single 'average' universe, otherwise we would freeze and choke! (yeah outer space is the average state of the universe!)
There are multiple truths, fit for each special scale and timing. As you move and time fly, scale and timing change so truth too.

It's been millions of years than human beings have adapted to this chaotic everchanging world mostly without a single equation, so I don't think we are doomed not to have computed the TRUTH yet, but rather for looking for something that's a chimere!

Adapting to chaos ain't binary computing, it's being present, observing and greatly feeling, in order to intuitively deduce the most favorable way.

You're lost when you stop looking at/for your path.