Sep 12, 2009

Please save the rainforest

Anyone's heard about "buying tropical wood hurts rainforest" or "buying cosmetics/food made of palm oil hurts rainforest and ourang outang"

Well, if you want a real impact on saing the rainforest, AND have quite lots of money, please go bomb the big roads that are wide opened in the rainforest and are used to transport the logs on longdistance. While you're at this bombing project, please don't forget the invaders villages housing truck drivers, tree cutters and their bitches. Once the physical means of cutting down the forest are seriously hurt AND it's known that's extremely deadly job to do: you'll have saved the rainforest.

Anything else is a nice prayer. But if you believed in God you would not try to save the world,or rainforest...(He's doing it, right?)

Sep 6, 2009

Coconut fantasy

This cute little flower "tiare" is how I'm called by some people who haven't missed that I'm a tropical (flower) addict.
Being a blond "vahine" is not only about colorful, scented flowers in the (h)air...
It's also a hippiyish (long hair) lifestyle prefering free wild ornament over luxury bags or expensive cosmetics.
...An unlimited love for the sun which is not impaired by fear or revulsion over cute lizards, flying insects, sneaking sharks or giant turtles.
...A crave for boiled bananas, freshy cathed fish, and real coconut water, when all i can smell around is overfried hamburgers, cheezy pizzas, fishy chinese crap, and the like

So I slave to spare some cents for happy retirement (40 years from now) on a wild sandy beach, harboring coconut, banana, frangipani...and a pet turtle! I'd love to imagine my little tree house, open to seawind (aka aircon), high above in the canopy free as a bird somewhere closer to the tropics than where my actual jail lays.