Dec 3, 2017


I wear black to highlight my skin tone
I disappear in the night and thrill
I let my feet guided by northern lights
I live under moonlight like a vampire
That chimera you liked to bruise
You try to find my weak point
But I can't feel a thing nor hurt
No tears, no pain, no regrets
The more I stare into the abyss
The less I hear my heartbeats
You try and get pity for frailty
I dissolved my ego long time ago
I can't relate to your disillusions
I don't chase fame, power or money
I just like to go with the flow
She taught me into a psychopath
But all I can see is the middle path
And all I can feel is their suffering
It screams and jumps between walls
I wanna escape, run alone in the woods
I wanna stop reading your mind
I wanna stop delving in your eyes
I wanna stop worrying about you
Cause my own pain, my own worries
They're all gone with the storm and it frees