Dec 6, 2011


Fineland elating bouts of passion
Billion stars enticing my delusion
Alluring Northern nights in unison.

When my heart gets broken in a zillion flares
They emit so much love it's intoxicating
Pulsating hope outward, or so he dares.

Darkened attraction on the edge of sanity
Don't offer your lips or we could slip
Stay within a corner of thoughts variety.



There is an assassin in my head
Drink that poison with passion
He whispers tenderly from within
And I drank to the last drop, bitter
She wants me and I remember her
All wet and giggly squeezing my chin

There is an assassin in my head
Vivacious rest, audacious norms
Precarious debt, luscious bareness
She-male begetting nightmares
Naked elf under the storm, skinny
Darkened eponym of my inner child