Jun 13, 2009


The other day, I was coming back home after a (too long) day of work. As I walked out the subway station I was literally showered from hair to toe.
I was curiously eyeing these weird strangers trying to shun themselves from heaven's water by crowding under the slim shops's roof along the narrow parisian streets.
As my flowing hair was turned to heavy locks, and my feet freely splashing at each step I enjoyed this long forgotten feeling: a free shower.
Of course here it's so unsual here to have simaltaneously rain and warm temperature, that most people instinctively fly away from rain as from cold inducing nasty thing.
But they did not even try it, I did wildly feeling this year is special, as special as 6 years ago: it's a HOT year. Though uncommon hot years are triggering monsoon like showers as far upnorth as Scandinavia (where I was last time fortunately)