Sep 30, 2011

Teen quotes

I wrote these when I was 14 years old, and incidently I still feel these deeply in my heart

"Break down all the walls which are your way of life, even if they are humans"

"Happiness is in your head, if you wanna be happy, think you are and after you'll be happy with your heart"

"Listen to the primary nature of human race

"my life:
wild, optimist and free"

" Try to find an escape from the world, so cruel, wicked and stupid where we're living or only trying to survive!"

speaking of teen spirit, 20 years ago:

Sep 13, 2011

Ode to Malmö

When I saw this place, it was love at first sight.
I knew the first day I visited this town, that I'll come there to settle sooner or later.
The soonest, actually.

It's been 3 weeks that this dream came true, and everyday is bliss.
I'm so truly in love.

The color of the sky is deep, iridescent and changing every minute of the day,
 which are incredibly long, half of the year.

The architecture is rich, city space is not crowded, 
and large avenue let wind blow pollution away, while light penetrates deep inside.

People are walking and cycling and running and strolling babies, making it feel so alive.

Water is ubiquituous, fountains, a canal, a lake, the sea, marshes and rain, 
reflecting any blue shade of the sky.

Malmö is thrice blue actually

And yes the grass is greener, so brightly green that it hurts the eyes.