Oct 9, 2010

I ain't captain

No matter, the biggest feeling is to be lost.

There's fog outside, and the radars are out.
Everything is bundled, options are written on cards,
but they are wrapped together by daily turmoil's rope.
Sometime you could even feel it around your neck,
choking next to death. But no you won't,
there's allways some airhead to release you.

Relief? Please let me get down,
stop the earth from rolling round and fast.
The cities are never sleeping
but neither am I and I wanna rest! NOW.

Jul 26, 2010


My TV's burnt ...finally I may enjoy a little peacefull creative evening time!
I even savor one of these long summer twilight, listening to rock tunes

Jul 24, 2010


No, I'm not into soap these days, though I love the latest batch of hazelnut flavored soap bars I made!

I feel stranded on an island, desperately looking for his ideas. So I really needed those outside views on the world, and glimpse on other ways to imagine reality.

Summer is leaving, sun is setting, the air is thick and darkened by clumpy clouds. Nostalgia is suddenly wrapping me into her fluffy wings.