Apr 3, 2007

Karachi....fun city..nice guppies....2

On wednesday, i went to Imran house for lunch..there was a power break at that time, so no elevator and no fan! one have to remind it is 35 in the afternoon to understand what no fan means......
then we went for shopping cause i wanted to buy salwar qameez...again! but it was really annoying cause it seemed nothing was pleasing me...i hate clothes shopping!...finally found something nice...and too expensive...anyway i wanted to have a nice evening then...after some talks in a nice park aith imranQ i went back home....and was really pleased to see that no matter how late it was...still the night was only beginning....so we, ImranQ, DM, koidost, looonatic, Janwar and me, went for diner....after a long drive we saw Mela was closing...around midnight....so we drove on the highway..till a nice open air place, we sat on carpet with cushionsm and had a very tasty diner...yummy! on a big screen was played some clip of bollywood music...
after we drove to the seaside and had lots of fun over there...i got some really funny pics! lol...then we went for a last chai in the city around 5.00AM...then time to sleep....
nights in karachi are soooooooooooo much fun...we had breakfast at 2.00PM today cause...we got up so late after that funfull night

last day in Karachi, thursday 22 sept

We went at the sunset to the port...I looked the nice pinkish light of the setting sun enhanced by reflection on the quiet water...that kind of sweet and warm light makes me feel so good! it was an amazingly pleasant wait before we could take a boat to go to an island, where we enjoyed the beach while the sunlight was disappearing...
i took wonderfull snapshots...from Janwar, DM, Loonatic and koi dost...and they also did cause i'm on some of them

later at night we went Bowling again!!
this time i enjoyed really much cause i finally learnt how to throw the ball thanx to koi dost, who was not there at our guppy meet bowlng session...and discovered i had to pick the heavy ones, not the light ones, in order to get them straight on the path!...
we ended up again on the seaside...had some more golguppay, but they were not good, then some nice qawa, and some interesting chat...

friday 23 sept

i took a plane to peshawar ...say bye to karachi and all the fun and long entertaining nights i had over there..
i was very happy to be back to peshawar, but when the plane was getting down we crossed a thick dark layer of clouds...I saw peshwar and the field around looking wet, and a big wall of rain appraoching our plane...then we went up again and few minutes later the captain told us that due to bad weather we were redirected to islamabad....i was sooooooooooooo sad...wait, wait again to be back to Peshawar
then another annoucment told us we had to go till lahore because weather was bad in islamabad also!
then we reached the nicely built lahore airport...mughal style, like red fort of agra or dehli!
we stayed there a while....finally went back to peshawar when it was night...some 3 hours later than scheduled!

Nowsheera saturday 24th september

We drove to Nowsheera today, we took some very good faluda ice cream in a small shop in the city, before heading to a river.
there we had a nice lunch of grilled fish and chicken, and bread, on the river bank!
we were only disturbed by massive crow crowd...we threw bones at them, and some of them were also on the branches above us...as a result to thank us for the bone one crow sh1tted...on mamba!

Kohat 26th september

We went to Kohat , in the morning, we went to a small hotel there to take tea...with french fries!...weird breakfast!!
then we drove away crossed a tribal zone...very beautiful landscapes of countryside, then reached a lake, tanda dam. When i stepped into these clear green warm water i knew i had to swim...i suplicateBM and ASA to let me bath,arguing that i had a tchador to cover after bathing in salwar qameez...so i did it!swim a bit, with guys telling me to go out of water quick!!
That lake was really pretty, we climbed up a path, so called adventure track!, and took some good shots from up...awesome lake really!
then in the afternoon we went to the village of BM...very pretty quiet place, whose speciality is guava, yummy!
In the guava garden ASA and BM showed their climbing in the trees skills!! but i personaly found more interest in the delicate perfume of the only rose there!

buddhism in pakistan...27th sept

So we went to some buddhist monastery ruins today....a big part of the fun was GS driving and losing the way to that aim...anyway it was fun hearing his punjabi friend talking loud at him, though i did not understand most of what he said...but he seeemed quite sure he would have done better....but we drove a long way along a river and that was great!
then i enjoyed the scenery from that hill where the ruins laid
i saw some bats again! took some shots, then we ate a very unhealthy lunch: biscuits and crisps with soda!...a crisp fell on the ground and many ants ran there to eat it!
on our way back we reached a village where a friend of my friends was living so we visited him. many children were around us looking at us as we were some zoo animals...that was funny!
i was allowed to meet his family, so i saw her pretty european looking wife, and naughty young kids! his mother, the granny of the house, was very strict with kids...far more than all young mum i had seen so far, i guessed granny are autority more than mums in pk

Oct 8th, 2005 at 12:46 AM-return from pak......

I went back from pakistan on the 29th september..actually i left pak on the 28th...
i traveled by road from Peshawar to Islamabad....BM, ASA and a friend of them came along so the long road was fun!
We stopped on the wey in a small place to have tea, and some nicely decorated trucks stopped there, so I took some shots especially for truckdriver...lolfinally we arrived in islamabad, i thought it looked like some alpine valley cities cause of the pine trees and muntains in background..but more americanised, cause of the large streets and modern buildings...it seems to be a nice city but i was there just a few hours...
I met again by chance Wran Alak...first and last days in pak, i met that guppy by chance!....th world is small, so small!
and I finally met barbie!! what a cute meeting!...i really like that guppan...
then i had to go back home....i hated it, can't write about it cause too painfull, i cried so much when i left...couldn't stop crying...i wrote a poem to get rid of my sorrow, before entering the plane....http://www.paklinks.com/gs/showthread.php?t=194659

buddhism in pakistan...27th sept