Apr 3, 2007

buddhism in pakistan...27th sept

So we went to some buddhist monastery ruins today....a big part of the fun was GS driving and losing the way to that aim...anyway it was fun hearing his punjabi friend talking loud at him, though i did not understand most of what he said...but he seeemed quite sure he would have done better....but we drove a long way along a river and that was great!
then i enjoyed the scenery from that hill where the ruins laid
i saw some bats again! took some shots, then we ate a very unhealthy lunch: biscuits and crisps with soda!...a crisp fell on the ground and many ants ran there to eat it!
on our way back we reached a village where a friend of my friends was living so we visited him. many children were around us looking at us as we were some zoo animals...that was funny!
i was allowed to meet his family, so i saw her pretty european looking wife, and naughty young kids! his mother, the granny of the house, was very strict with kids...far more than all young mum i had seen so far, i guessed granny are autority more than mums in pk

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Anonymous said...

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