Apr 3, 2007

Kohat 26th september

We went to Kohat , in the morning, we went to a small hotel there to take tea...with french fries!...weird breakfast!!
then we drove away crossed a tribal zone...very beautiful landscapes of countryside, then reached a lake, tanda dam. When i stepped into these clear green warm water i knew i had to swim...i suplicateBM and ASA to let me bath,arguing that i had a tchador to cover after bathing in salwar qameez...so i did it!swim a bit, with guys telling me to go out of water quick!!
That lake was really pretty, we climbed up a path, so called adventure track!, and took some good shots from up...awesome lake really!
then in the afternoon we went to the village of BM...very pretty quiet place, whose speciality is guava, yummy!
In the guava garden ASA and BM showed their climbing in the trees skills!! but i personaly found more interest in the delicate perfume of the only rose there!

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