Aug 29, 2014

I miss myself

I am a refugee. I want to go home but it does not exist anymore. I miss it so dearly, I can not rest, my eyes are dried from so any tears I cried.
I am both a broken soul and a stranded stranger so we should not expect kindness and understanding from each other. No matter how kind it was to welcome me, it can not compare to the coziest loveliest home I had ever had. It is a rough time in a new world, a world I neither chose nor want.
I had to leave not only dreams, but friends and habits. Anything that anchored me to reality has been wiped out. Do not ask for so many smiles, or you will get anger at your lack of compassion.
I have taken on so many foreign clothes and forgotten so many of my ways that I can not recognize myself any more. I have become my blurred and shapeless shadow on a windy day.