Jul 4, 2009

Theorising the wise use of violence

1.Let’s become aware of the abuses, assaults and poisoning we are victims of
2.Let’s identify our murderers
3.Let’s name them, one by one
4.Let them and their family know that WE know their crimes, and are ready to take action against them and/or retailation against their offspring in order to stop their crimes at ALL cost

Tired of staying idle hopeless cause you can’t change the system ?

Most of massive murdering corporations have a public website, such as www.corporate.com, then go to investors section, find out the annual report (either to read online or to download) , and so you got the list of administrators, presidents, exectutives, and so on.

Now you still feel hopeless ? well that’s cause you have no more imagination…

You may wanna read further material to recover your child like imagination power:
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Jul 3, 2009


It never occured to me before his death that I had been looking for his face. I've realised this old love had his initial look, the one I had mourned as a child.
And it's rather shocking and sadening too, but it was mostly your smile anyway.

I need some time to heal, but I'm already sure that she would look right, so I feel ready for her now.
I can't wait too long, I've just realised I won't let it last.
A guess is that my next generation will be dangerous, bad by civilisation standards, so it will beat it, while letting any stranger wonder who is it?

Much more often than not, the biggest hurdles we face are our own fears, so a little bit more freedom IN MY MIND is all I need now.

Let's dance$

Jul 2, 2009

hot in the air

It's hot in the air.
A violent breaze is crashing on the city.
From here at twighlight: red sky, hot air, thunders, pandemic virus, rising joblessness look gloomy...
That may be "slow crash"? exciting, confusing, saddening...so many feelings to enjoy.
Therefore I wish to lighten the atmosphere, with some light songs, soft skin and a bubbly smile.

Megacity remains idle: so many possibilities that lay on statitics and never come true.
Here I feel reality has vanished into a virtual wired network, phone cables and wifis, braodband Internet and mobile microwaves.
People are stripped from souls: they have second life. They are void of beauty: they have money.
They wander and never meet: what could they recall except from propaganda from TV?
There ain't no time to get old, only for cosmetics.

What else? You could be and not have...Let it be and trash this all.

Jul 1, 2009

Nazis and their aspirants

Seriously what's wrong with Europeans, and especially french people?
They proudly shout about their WWII win over Hitler, but as soon as he was dead they got their lazy ass building open air gas chambers...
Car drivers are so busy turning the air we breathe into gas chambers that weather guy has to tell us "not to exercise for your health"!
Gosh! who said avoiding exercise was GOOD for health?

Nowadays europeans seem to be a big bunch of fucked up neo nazi actively pursuing genocides over our not yet born grand children...

Such a pity.