Aug 15, 2007


My soul is glittering like a rainbow
My mind filtered through the crystal of my thoughts
Each state of mind glitters its own shade

I am as shy and cute as red cheeks
I smell red roses til my nose bleeds
To make up my lips as my mind

I feel as loving and orange as the setting sun
Flames of life tilting me towards the humankind
Without candles but for diner, there are fruits

I feel pretty blond and as yellow as the bright midday sun
My eyes as green as emerald but blinded by light
My heart warmed til its melting point

I get lost in the infinite evergreen forest
Intoxicated by its poisonous taste
I feel wild instincts from the chlorophylle

I wanna dream in the cotton blue sky
It is as cold and cosy as the sparkles of ice
Floating on the melodious whales playground

I exhale seducing fantasy violet fragance
To cool down we run through lavenders
But my alien sky is deep purple.

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