Aug 15, 2007

July in Paris

I miss....
It's summer, it's hot.
The sky is so blue and coconut white clouds are decorating the ceiling of Paris, as an open air museum, visited only by tourist, while most parisians are on holidays far away, but me. The most beautifull city in the world looks like a rejuvenated 18th century painting that lays on our castles walls, and i'm just trying to find an angel, but u're just too far.
miss u much these days! I don't know where you are, but far, and can't get in touch with you, so I miss u a lot, it makes feel like crying, but my tears are stuck in my throat, because though far you're allways somewhere near my heart and thoughts, so I wrote these lines to share a bit of the nice evening i had.
Sun set warms my heart and stretches my shadow as I walk along the Seine, as a siren my hair moves with the flow, as I swing along the concrete shore. Sitting on the hot floor I stare at these little grey fishes eating algae on the steps down my feets.The water is clear and smelling clean clothes, quiet but tourist barges create few waves sometimes.And I dream to be close to the sea, that might be an ocean.O i wanna swim!
I wandered along the Seine for some time as the sun set doesn't seem to end these days. The wonderfull magic of Paris is set in few colors:
- luxuriant green canopy of the falling branches on the Seine islands
- shy azur blue sky playing hide and seek with the clouds
- creamy chalky carved stones of the bridges reflecting the golden low sun
Slowly, an alarm rang my eyes, vibrant sun set flames on the scenary and serene Notre Dame cathedrale glowed , clouds took a cheek pink shade, and the sky above the flows started to glitter as fire just as dark blue veil started covereing the ceiling, as a night tent closing the show.

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