Jan 17, 2009


I'm amazed how wild is my body:
It has felt for weeks the weather turning to cold, overeating so that I was ready for the coldest weather in 20 years over here. My fat layer forecasted the cold way before the meteorologist.
Then I've felt nauseous for some time, and the weather's just started to warm up.
My body's already sheding extra pounds to adjust to coming spring (early, nah?)
The weather is crazy, but I'm part of that craze, so I shall not fear it.

The Wave

There's something troubling within
Echoing far away are heartbeats
Anysound enhancing is pushing
A blood rush up to the brain
It feels as a wave, blue and one
Uniting, moving, tying
To the great ocean of life
The original energy soup
Atomised within our selves
It feels alive in transe music
Over wild runs and dance
A beat inside and outside
Juicy present flowing overall

Jan 10, 2009

Magical Encounters

Some people have a magnetic attraction, some kind of hypnotising aura radiating from their stare. Each smallest motion of their body is grace, each eye contact is joyfull, their mere presence is intense, it feels as if they fill the air, abstracting any other one.
Inhabiting the present moment may surely be the way to feel alive, but some people can better make it last, stretch each second to a day, meaningfully transmuting a glimpse into everlasting memories.

It reminded me how biaised is my mind, for it's ineluctably clinging on same unvarying ethnical features: why? makes me wonder where I belong...

Jan 8, 2009


Substitute for love ain't fantasy
Drugged mills ain't no more fallacy
Entangled in wheel of fortune
Estranged in well of snow fume
We err on tilted bridges
We crawl on barren roads
Desperate for clear ether
Enamoured of white flow
Searching but no preaching
Hunting but no grunting
Flaunting our bellies
With mere wild berries

Jan 4, 2009

insight into the future

Thanks to the wonderfull blog of Dave Pollard (which incidentally was born the same year as my parents) "How to save the world" I discovered this fabulous article about our mid-term future:
Obviously, young people (teens, 20 something) may worry about what's going to happen in 2040-2050, cause we're supposed to be 'mature adults' by the time, and not even ripe enough for retirement!
Predictions of passed peak oil time, when oil will be too expensive for most of us, and worsening climatic conditions due to global warming, are rather bleak, and stress me to find the 'best' way to survive, long term.
Therefore Ran's essay is a good news, he explains that economic and infrstrucutre breakdowns will be slow, and that's leaving hope for adjustment time. Furthermore the changes he predicts that would turn our lifestyle to 'simpler' could actually be anticipated painlessly, and that's the path I've already began, so I guess I'm in the right direction!