Nov 23, 2007


So what can they write in my CIA file?
Too many flowers for peace, too many smiles for love...

Not enough products in my closet?
they are visible powers of a macro reality...I am an invisible ant!
and I wonder why are we allways fighting an economic war against each other
I'm starving, longing and cuddling for shares, but can I only understand those who starve too?
I can get your eyes straight, I can get your stares long enough to let you tell away anything you feel like, I can get inside your heart and soul, because I let in my heart and soul

Dreams ain't bought with money, my art can't be sold, and our endeavors are free

so now is it illegal too be:
Searching to catch a net of dissident friends, searching for those soul mates who are trying to get grip on this world....and hijacking industrial world from inside, letting our dreams exploding their systems
Living outside their artificial world, creating our own mental realities, hiring more and more brainy young staff to turn our prospective realities into tangible plans
Staying cold to their advertisements, reading tightly any ingredients list, working and studying so hard that we can't fear anything, neither deem anything impossible!
Dreaming big, Feeling high, run, dance, smile and talk to anyone!