Nov 23, 2007


So what can they write in my CIA file?
Too many flowers for peace, too many smiles for love...

Not enough products in my closet?
they are visible powers of a macro reality...I am an invisible ant!
and I wonder why are we allways fighting an economic war against each other
I'm starving, longing and cuddling for shares, but can I only understand those who starve too?
I can get your eyes straight, I can get your stares long enough to let you tell away anything you feel like, I can get inside your heart and soul, because I let in my heart and soul

Dreams ain't bought with money, my art can't be sold, and our endeavors are free

so now is it illegal too be:
Searching to catch a net of dissident friends, searching for those soul mates who are trying to get grip on this world....and hijacking industrial world from inside, letting our dreams exploding their systems
Living outside their artificial world, creating our own mental realities, hiring more and more brainy young staff to turn our prospective realities into tangible plans
Staying cold to their advertisements, reading tightly any ingredients list, working and studying so hard that we can't fear anything, neither deem anything impossible!
Dreaming big, Feeling high, run, dance, smile and talk to anyone!

Nov 18, 2007

sweeping off my closet

It's been such a change, such a revolution in my life this last year...
Last november I had taken a turn in my life, I haven't only dropped 40 pounds...I got rid of all limits in my brain...slowly I...
I turned pain into bread and fuel for life
I turned loneliness into a kinda rage of life
I turned any flames into creativity
I came back to my childhood dreams, and let it flow
I came back to knowledge, because I'm no more a student, so I have to keep on studying to stay young and alert
Knowledge is the material for thoughts, and I can't pretend to know all by myself

I swept away all the dust, threw away all the uncessary items, too large clothes and old useless things that burdened my environement, now I enjoy clean, tidy and empty space.

I can't pretend anymore to be happy by myself, I ain't, I need you all, so I swept clean of my arogance and beg you knees down, apologise and turned back to you, I'm still there, alive, your friend, and you'll allways find me around supporting you no matter what happen in your lives.
I won't shy away to be who I am, and I won't be either overproud of myself, I'm still learning, and trying to be who I ought to be...
I won't shy away to stare at you girls too, cause I'm not going to do as if I was jealous, I love your looks too.
Out of the closet, I am just enjoying my new frame, my 6 pack, and all strong muscle...I wondered how could i have lived as a fat ass for so long, it's just so easy to be who i am now

But it's not over yet some of this revolution is still ongoing...some dust is left in the lcoset, some fat around the ass, some arrogance in my stares, some lazyness towards books...
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman....gimme more time

Nov 17, 2007

how do i seem

I had planned to write something, but i'll leave it blank

just like the future, that holds no expectations, no plans and no goal, wtf , deliverance from....anyone, means no love, but nooooooooooooooooo i can't, so i'll keep on loving you, even though it hurts, and i cry:p
on the other hand i know it's making me happy too!:d

Nov 16, 2007


I feel like sharing new ideas, new creations, new hypothesis, I feel like testing any new material, but can't find no one to match my expectations, i want to go overboard and let it flow, but there is no one to pick up my lines, and i feel such a desert, i'm almost starving, it's like my ideas would get dry, stop the flow
I wish I could let it flow, but I'm gonna drown if it stays inside me, and I don't know how to let go
Maybe crying could help, I wish it could, but it's otherwise
I am feeling so much in pain
How can I deliver myself?

Nov 12, 2007

swirling stars

swirling stars surrounding me
taking me down the milky valley of dreams
glittering rainbow drops of crystal water
singing in the sun above our plays

curling hair surrounding me
in the misty air turmoil of my path
shining eyes staring at our talks
may be there may be somewhere inner

Its as dark as the void of space
Its as deep as our thoughts
Its as pure as childish minds
Its as energetic as a supernovae
But from all ends come a new beginning
And swirl stars, cycle the wheel of life
til my dance strear my ideas clear.