Nov 25, 2012


They are no Eros, their arrows are poisonous
They are just heroes unlike your stuff and fluff
Their stares are not meant to rob your heart
They see the filth hidden behind yours manners


Oct 26, 2012



And my feet didn't slip on the wet boulders paving the stream flow. A flip flop at a time I squeeze tight my toes on rounded rocks and defy the ambient humidity pearling on my forehead. It's too hot, as usual, but evergreen leaves bar sun from burning my skin. I lower my gravity center on my knees and quietly crawl up to the fountain. I can finally dip into freshwater and get cool.


It was so cold and I couldn't count on a faint sun to warm me. Trees looked unfriendly with all their nude branches spiking thorns and dry barren pikes. Even the dusty ground was covered with brittle desiccated leaves cut like broken glass yet we all had to crawl on our ass downhill. Soon enough our palms were bruised and bleeding but hunger kept us from complaining. In the end it was just tree hugging and back up on the hands in order to get dirty on any inch of our clothes/skin that remained clean ...

Why did energy flow likewise? what is the common trigger of "oceanic" bliss?

It doesn't matter if I'm alone or with a bunch of people, it doesn't matter whether it's cold or hot, dry or humid, in the Pacific ocean or in the middle of a populated capital in central Europe.

I only have to be here, now and WILD.


Moonlight sonata

Have you seen how white moonlight was tonight?
I lost my way while looking too deep in might

It's intoxicating to know you're on the other edge
And ride the wave of life without a heart's pledge

25th Oct.

Oct 14, 2012


When desire fades, and pleasure vanishes too soon
When awe and amazement are met by a puzzled gasp
Somewhere on a lonely wander, bright stars
 and comely planets took a serene path
 and lead me to leave.

Aug 22, 2012

Ephemeral farewell


Crystal sharp blades, icy blowy pools
Swirling feelings splashing our vein
So lame was my thrill kill of fools
And no chemicals will tweak that pain
We swim in the blue numb limbos
Liquefied bodies tamed in crying lye
Hold air until stars dance in your eyes
And skip heartbeats while sound fades
Kiss death an ephemeral farewell

** **

Jul 4, 2012

Green bear

You are the dark knight carving my heart as leaf's vennation
Your subtle charms whispered alluringly to my vain passion
Under those clouded skies they relentlessly distil your coinage
And sculpt my dreams as loving centuries whittled that foliage


Jun 20, 2012

Midnight burnout

Nuptial stars, martial arts
Stretched tearless galaxy 
over nightless love spy
Sad flows, floating canopy
Drifting homeland, useless wand.


May 22, 2012

Now that you're gone my world is blue,
Numbed, flattened pain for no hue,
The happiness factory is shut for true.
Dumped, darkened light for no you,
Sham motivation, tiring aesthetics,
 Painful faces, killing anaesthetics,
Aspiring to rest, radiant peace in sight.


Apr 23, 2012


Longing to fly home, far beyond the stars
Where peeled dome buds bleed glued tars
Crystal time drops and supernovae jets
Fractal lime quenching chillout fest
Hunting arrows aiming within canopy
Flirting sparrows peering unto Cassiopeia
Dragon shells fragmented as my heart
Paragon's hell lamented from afar


Mar 15, 2012

The willow pond

Filiform trees and sombre flows
Grey shades of lingering winter
Sun dimmed by marching clouds
Sudden breeze unveiling spring
Glistening gold over a liquid mirror
Anamorphosed crescents of hope

Friday, March 9, 2012

Feb 29, 2012

Whispering ghosts

There was a time when walls use to talk
A time when heating pipes used to scream
There was a time when roof used to crack

Darkness engulfed in our eyeballs
Loud rapid hearbeats screaming with pain
Fear for life, yet felt so alive
Nothing can compare, hence we feel numb

Feb 12, 2012

Above the cliff

One latest frail vow to honour
Ergo, still and peaceful farewell
A kiss, a smile and a golden sunset
Forever within blue horizon kept

I'm just curious where this last path lead, 
and look at the mirror one last time
Bold, brave and tearless, 
content about what's been done.

Feb 7, 2012

I had a dream

Paradise is a mythical garden.
Fields were the theatre of slavery.

In order to strive for less suffering among humanity,
 more social equality and greater enjoyment, 
I dreamt to replace fields by gardens.

The practical consequences of such a revolution
 would be seen especially on our plates 
where all kinds of fruits and leaves would 
replace baked goods and industrial meats.

If only turning our plates upside down
 could bring down to Earth paradise...
That was just a dream.

Jan 19, 2012

Winter elope

One more hesitation and dawn is gone. One more palpitation and my anger is undue. Clouded sky has glued my mood to the lowest extrem of the living scale.

She whispered loudly that I might not grant her life because I hate myself as much as her. Fair games are not played without love, and let the wind disperses my forgiveness. I exit the forlorn state of mind while running through the bare birches. I wonder if these slipery paths would subdue this cruel sorrow.

The stories we tell ourselves are limiting the infinite array of possibilities awaiting to unfold in our life spring. I had failed to sweetness, and adulterate the flavor of my thriteen self dreams, I owe to her to push boundaries harder. Hence I jumped over dead branches and acorns. Shall winter relinquish?

Jan 18, 2012

Eyes dew

Thy slender running ghost, forever eyes dew,
My heart's missing love, unblossomed bud.
If I shall never know whose color is thy eyes,
Let my heart be thine when it has settled.

Jan 10, 2012


It lays, it creeps, it stinks.
What is it that budge my world, suddenly.
Two black roses, putrefied on your grave.
And my name, o what a facetious exit.
Purposelessly ending our tears in pain.

Jan 9, 2012

Shadow of life

When I look beyond me
 there is no one else but me to love,
 and I find it so vain.
I want to shout, I hate you Narcisse.

Grooming myself is a torture, 
because as my face looks more and more like me,
 I can't help but thinking why 
I don't see you beside me in the mirror.

Every bit is so hard to swallow, 
because fueling this life can only make sorrow deeper, 
longer and happiness feels like a more and more distant memory.

Anything I do I wonder what for, 
as I know it will not bring you back, 
the shining lamp that casted warmth over my future.
I thread the limbs in the dark, so lonely.