Jan 4, 2009

insight into the future

Thanks to the wonderfull blog of Dave Pollard (which incidentally was born the same year as my parents) "How to save the world" I discovered this fabulous article about our mid-term future:
Obviously, young people (teens, 20 something) may worry about what's going to happen in 2040-2050, cause we're supposed to be 'mature adults' by the time, and not even ripe enough for retirement!
Predictions of passed peak oil time, when oil will be too expensive for most of us, and worsening climatic conditions due to global warming, are rather bleak, and stress me to find the 'best' way to survive, long term.
Therefore Ran's essay is a good news, he explains that economic and infrstrucutre breakdowns will be slow, and that's leaving hope for adjustment time. Furthermore the changes he predicts that would turn our lifestyle to 'simpler' could actually be anticipated painlessly, and that's the path I've already began, so I guess I'm in the right direction!