Nov 18, 2007

sweeping off my closet

It's been such a change, such a revolution in my life this last year...
Last november I had taken a turn in my life, I haven't only dropped 40 pounds...I got rid of all limits in my brain...slowly I...
I turned pain into bread and fuel for life
I turned loneliness into a kinda rage of life
I turned any flames into creativity
I came back to my childhood dreams, and let it flow
I came back to knowledge, because I'm no more a student, so I have to keep on studying to stay young and alert
Knowledge is the material for thoughts, and I can't pretend to know all by myself

I swept away all the dust, threw away all the uncessary items, too large clothes and old useless things that burdened my environement, now I enjoy clean, tidy and empty space.

I can't pretend anymore to be happy by myself, I ain't, I need you all, so I swept clean of my arogance and beg you knees down, apologise and turned back to you, I'm still there, alive, your friend, and you'll allways find me around supporting you no matter what happen in your lives.
I won't shy away to be who I am, and I won't be either overproud of myself, I'm still learning, and trying to be who I ought to be...
I won't shy away to stare at you girls too, cause I'm not going to do as if I was jealous, I love your looks too.
Out of the closet, I am just enjoying my new frame, my 6 pack, and all strong muscle...I wondered how could i have lived as a fat ass for so long, it's just so easy to be who i am now

But it's not over yet some of this revolution is still ongoing...some dust is left in the lcoset, some fat around the ass, some arrogance in my stares, some lazyness towards books...
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman....gimme more time