Aug 27, 2007

About time

Cherry blossoms petals dripping under a heavy rain
Ticking silently with my blushed rosy heartbeats
The endless flow of love in my gay spring vein
The shadow of a jealous crow could hinder
Our liquorous passion, though life's not vain
When rigorous action takes on bankers routine
Our weird pace tuned to sleep, commuting and labour
Leaves a glimpse of joy, escaping at the canteen
Reading subversive lines, writing sweet and sour
Charms about love that is our life safe harbour
O my soul mate whenever destiny cuts our count
The remaining days are simply more precious
Rare sips of life cup are meant to be delicious

Aug 22, 2007

Classic Painting

There were silver flying daggers in the air
On the fields where flew locks of golden hair
Shiny under the proud sun king
Fainting as our bleed rivers whitened our pink fair
And dimmed the clean battelfield of our lord
Swords swinging, swans singing, heroes dancing
Sand's last drop falling and time stops
Hearts come to a halt in a drought
Painted for eternity to praise knights
Under the moonshell of angel like Venus

Loving you

Loving you is the biggest mystery that ever happened to me
Loving you is the biggest joke that ever crack me up
Loving you is the most painfull ache when you' re gone
Loving you means living to me and much more
I may want to tell, but I can't tell what can't be descibed
I do love you, but the way I feel is too deep

Aug 15, 2007

July in Paris

I miss....
It's summer, it's hot.
The sky is so blue and coconut white clouds are decorating the ceiling of Paris, as an open air museum, visited only by tourist, while most parisians are on holidays far away, but me. The most beautifull city in the world looks like a rejuvenated 18th century painting that lays on our castles walls, and i'm just trying to find an angel, but u're just too far.
miss u much these days! I don't know where you are, but far, and can't get in touch with you, so I miss u a lot, it makes feel like crying, but my tears are stuck in my throat, because though far you're allways somewhere near my heart and thoughts, so I wrote these lines to share a bit of the nice evening i had.
Sun set warms my heart and stretches my shadow as I walk along the Seine, as a siren my hair moves with the flow, as I swing along the concrete shore. Sitting on the hot floor I stare at these little grey fishes eating algae on the steps down my feets.The water is clear and smelling clean clothes, quiet but tourist barges create few waves sometimes.And I dream to be close to the sea, that might be an ocean.O i wanna swim!
I wandered along the Seine for some time as the sun set doesn't seem to end these days. The wonderfull magic of Paris is set in few colors:
- luxuriant green canopy of the falling branches on the Seine islands
- shy azur blue sky playing hide and seek with the clouds
- creamy chalky carved stones of the bridges reflecting the golden low sun
Slowly, an alarm rang my eyes, vibrant sun set flames on the scenary and serene Notre Dame cathedrale glowed , clouds took a cheek pink shade, and the sky above the flows started to glitter as fire just as dark blue veil started covereing the ceiling, as a night tent closing the show.

my world is green

My world is green, maybe as green as spleen, though I promised to search for souls and ghosts over here. I could ask the trees spirits to give me that hope…green is not faith color any more, it’s far more intoxicating for the senses. I feel vertigo looking at the high canopy!

Does imagination lies beyond reality? Does my ideas of that vegetal reality hide something far more troubling?

I feel the same in the end, lost in the blue ocean of late summer days, or in the green ocean of trees blossoming leaves in the spring of nature

These intoxicated senses can’t let me sleep until I felt down exhausted…in a last try to get me started but nothing can let me know that I have to let go of myself………..not even those damned instincts!

Sure my hair flows in the wind like a barbarian, and my feet are dark of dust, but I can read and write…so?

I do prefer identification to nature in order to skip the human cultural identification. In the end I do get closer to my primary instaincts, and these bear no cultural sense


My soul is glittering like a rainbow
My mind filtered through the crystal of my thoughts
Each state of mind glitters its own shade

I am as shy and cute as red cheeks
I smell red roses til my nose bleeds
To make up my lips as my mind

I feel as loving and orange as the setting sun
Flames of life tilting me towards the humankind
Without candles but for diner, there are fruits

I feel pretty blond and as yellow as the bright midday sun
My eyes as green as emerald but blinded by light
My heart warmed til its melting point

I get lost in the infinite evergreen forest
Intoxicated by its poisonous taste
I feel wild instincts from the chlorophylle

I wanna dream in the cotton blue sky
It is as cold and cosy as the sparkles of ice
Floating on the melodious whales playground

I exhale seducing fantasy violet fragance
To cool down we run through lavenders
But my alien sky is deep purple.

Eastern memories

I lost my dear love

In a black hole

Friendship is all I got

Draw the borderline

Walk the great wall

Travel in the middle empire

Write their sign ideas

On dried bamboo sheets

Lose yourself in green ocean

Encounter the Ying and Yang

Black and white as a panda

I am a dual little man

Strong woman in the wild

Perfume of jasmine

Pure taste of young tea

As sweet as silk

One can’t describe

My sweetness is my weakness

I hate to be liked

I only want your love

The Princess

Her hair glitter like gold

Under bright rays of light

Her rose and iris fragrance

Exudes from Venice night

Her green bold sight

See through your mind

Her lips are rose petals

On a virgin moonlike face

When she dances freely

Explosion of harmony

But she is not yours

No one in her blind eyes

Nowhere but in her heart

Hidden behind black veils

Covered by gold jewels

She is tempting you

But far away from you

Elating you dreams

Eluding your wishes

From the sea all the fishes

Could not buy her dowry

the beach

Since I met you I felt never lonely
You are the shining lamp
Guiding me through my dark journey
When i walk at night towards my cave
And the moon is shut off by clouds
We are both left alone on the shore
Of old traditions, stripped from heart
Stripped from hope and sick of life
We are stranded on the beach
Of a remote island after life crash
Whenever you're alone
Don't forget I'm here
Close to your heart
Though we may never see each oher
Though I'm not allowed where you roam
We are together in our dreams
On the beach we soak the sun
I'll never let you sink in the sea
As a marmaid you may see me
One day coming from the red sea
Don't be afraid
You'll never hurt me
And I'll never love you
Cause we are more...and no one will ever know


come on take my hand
let' go to the land
where all dreams live
take my love as gift
look at the cloudy roses
drown in the blue sky
monsoon has showered
all troubles and brung joy

come on take my hand
let's run and bathe
in the bloomy fertile valley
take my love as a gift
listen to the nightingale
he sings better than La Callas
mapple autumn took
all colors of happy life
but a new birthday has come
for you to wish and enjoy

winter crush

winter spread its cold wings
freeze endings stings
i ran to get warmer
but only fell on you
sure you were blunter
but so much fun too

winter gets on my nerves
none my cold version deserves
i got surely dumber
and took back my ego
sure i had to think harder
but your love gave me vertigo


I fear that dog shit
Like the wolves call
I tells me to quit
Civilisation and all
I sat my ass on moss
And stared at the sun
Enjoying fading cross
Dying soon for lack of fun

I run like a hungry deer
Looking for open graze
Strong old wild instinct
Is blushing my craze
I hunted in the forest
Caught some game for diner
While you took rest
I'll share as you're my lover

I painted some bears
But blew off the lights
Before out of fears
So you hold me tight
Hence i won't fall
But i fell for you
Empty space on cavewall
Is neither print nor clue
But a love marker
Filled of imagination
In the frozen long winter
May you only keep me alive
Tight by descendant bonds
We're forever together


that love is inside
you can't get it
from any external one
it's your own reflection
bend slightly over the lake
here you will see
true love and compassion
it is you only
allways and forever
divided by ego

a wife

One wish, one word, one order
I fly faster than the wind
By your side forever
To ease your pain
Wherever I may go
I am always near at heart
Crossing gaps, binding banks
Understanding and breaking borders
I whistle a tender song
To relieve your work stress
I pour cold water at your forehead
Whenever you suffer a fever
I bear your burden
No more pain in your thoughts
I temper your troubles
With loud children laughs
I fill your dear heart
With all love on earth
I exude the red rose
To suggest garden dreams
May you always be smiling
To the one I will love.

joke love

Freed by a warm breeze
Pretty nightingale sings:
'Tomorrow may never know
That yesterday was a joke
To the biggest theatre scene
Life is without strass and spots'
I never walk head up
I might stumble upon dirt
Nothing down is real
Neither truly eternal
This world is ethereal


My homeland has no house
Fairy place is near a stream
And a glittering valley
Always gold and stars shining
Apple trees blossoming
From the bottom of my heart
I kept searching
Those pine forests
In my eyes
This faint sun
In my hair
These waterfalls
In my dances
All blue nights
In my veins
But you, no you
Where are you
The more I write
The less I feel
So I keep on writing
To wash my heart clean
From these burnings
I cried rivers
Fill a cold lake
Tour the blue orange
Reached a red desert
Slipped to the nearest shore
I float on an ocean of love
God finally found me
Happy forever happy

promised land

Sheer light on my face
I found the promised land
A clear quiet holy spring
And a braided shallow river
Flowing midst high grass
Delicious plentifull fruits trees
And tilted rocky hills around
But i know you can't be there
You are long dead
Even your bones disapeared
From you no one else care
All yours are dead but me
So I wonder why I am
All alone stranded here
I can understand this world
As the robot God created
But i can't feel it
All my flesh and brain
As cold as your dead body
I am a ghost wandering
Traveling this world
Looking for you

sweat deams

The chocolate flavor in your eyes
The musky smell of your soft neck
Made me loose my breathe
I lost also my temper
And could not lower my gaze
I felt to resist your power
Your sweet virgin lips
You were stronger but not bolder
I got some evil attraction
Tied to my look and smile

The aphrodisiac hold of your hugs
The devilicious softness of your skin
Made me lose my heart
I felt also for your smile
And could not sleep at night
I felt to hold my resolutions
Your words well said
You were wiser but not tempter
I got some evil attraction
Tied to my look and smile

nature rythm

i looked into your pretty lovely eyes
How can i make you understand?
where i belong dusk and dawn are so long
At these times when angel whisper
divine love and worship in our souls
How can you imagine nightless days?

But green blood run in my veins
and my heart beats with seasons
when the cloudy sky blooms roses
we get dizzy like drugged
our dawns are red fires from hell
our dusks are golden light from paradise

at fall each brownish leaves falling down
as each piece of my broken crystal heart
then i get ready for the big sleep
echoed by billions of glooming stars
in the everlasting winter dark night
enhanced by sparkling ionic aurora

here the cold can make you blush
it turns your lips freeze purple
and this season rythm has swung
all my life since i was born
into this shaman tribe
I'm just a small faithfull girl
from the northernmost old world

Let's make love

Let's forget the world
Let's forget tomorrow
Let's forget our judges
Let's make love tonight

I can feel that fire
Burning between us
The desire in your eyes
And my short breath
Let's forget family
Le'ts forget yesterday
Let's live and die
Let's make love tonight

Let's get wild and free
Ride the wind of joy
Enhance the spice of your heart
Let's be one for one moment
Let's forget all one second
One second when time stops

Let's be egoist in the pleasure
Cause bodies can share
What brains can't share
Now we are young
But soon we'll die
So let's make love tonight

Aug 8, 2007

life...just free

Free also means you don't have to pay for it....

Just read these lines
I am: my love, my joy, my senses, my poetry, my logic, my smile, my dance, my hugs, my kisses, my pleasure, everything for free, just as you
I don't pay to enjoy life, you don't pay to enjoy me
But i have nothing, nothing to sell,
I have nothing to sell, and that's what they hate me for, those who want a share of my money, but i have no money, so i am worthless to them

sun is free, so they made smoke to hide it
rain is free, so they built ceilings to steal it
trees were a free shelter, so they cut them
animals were free foodstores, so they invented zoos
lakes and rivers were a swim playground, so they poisoned them
grass was a smooth carpet, so they built roads
fishes were freely traveling, so they took them in a net
blacks were free, so they slaved them
Who are they? my enemies, my fears, my sickess, my hate, my stress
But they let me go, so I am not free...