Dec 29, 2011


Holding on
Savannah, resonates like a Southern city, a porn star and an African dream.

Cracking jokes
I ignited the matches, sparked a laugh, lighthearted

No I don't wanna go to rehab, No I don't wanna get serious

Puddle of mud
I wanna play hide and seek, push you in a puddle of mud, and erase, all these years, all these scars

Strip but not tease,
Strip my heart from its crushes, strip my face bare, strip my body to the bones

And she's lingering, ambiguous, a wet dream emerging from the only desirable sea

Like the sun set in the sea, like the day behind Northern lights, like my hopes

Dec 19, 2011


Like a shaman prayer sung towards the deep winter night sky
I cry out for the sun to return, and burn candles of hope.
Epiphanies quickly dawned upon me with a glimpse of maybes
and a lingering taste of dejavu ironically in your eyes.
But where I look farther inside, I can really see nobody but me,
because I'll never want from you nothing else than mine.
Like an oyster solidly attached to its rock sips nothing but seawater,
I can't get enough of reassuring and mirroring hymns on your lips.

Dec 17, 2011


Glimpse of feareality, thrilled,
Numbed is success, flawless dream
Moonlike face and its lakes,
Stroked ego, tantamount playground
Addictive child, sunkissed picture.

Dec 14, 2011


x.After a few months of voluntary exile, I'm finally relieved enough to admit it: I'm French. Not only does my language reveal it, but also my cultural references.

I love French cheese, fine French chocolates, French 'haute couture' perfumes, French South Pacific pearl jewels and 'Les Lumières'! "The centre of the Enlightenment was France, where it was based in the salons and culminated in the great Encyclopédie (1751–72)".

Then how do I live today? by French motto's values, 'freedom, equality, brotherhood'.

Freedom, I live anywhere my heart leads me and do whatever I fancy, while I think mostly about due care to not harm, and preserve our endangered world.
Equality, I live simply and content, so that other have the means to live, too.
Brotherhood, I live with an open heart that allows anyone without blood considerations to be respected and cherished as a brother, or sister.

Dec 7, 2011


4 years gone with the wind
4 years and any feelings remain
4 years of vain mistakes and forgotten promises
4 years and all has to be done, again but well.

Anger is such a bad counselor,
Self pity a misleading path;
I am worth more than a torn ego.

I shall wander alone, sometimes
Never lament nor beg, anytime
Allways love and give, mindfully
Nurture joy and exam, carefully.


Dec 6, 2011


Fineland elating bouts of passion
Billion stars enticing my delusion
Alluring Northern nights in unison.

When my heart gets broken in a zillion flares
They emit so much love it's intoxicating
Pulsating hope outward, or so he dares.

Darkened attraction on the edge of sanity
Don't offer your lips or we could slip
Stay within a corner of thoughts variety.



There is an assassin in my head
Drink that poison with passion
He whispers tenderly from within
And I drank to the last drop, bitter
She wants me and I remember her
All wet and giggly squeezing my chin

There is an assassin in my head
Vivacious rest, audacious norms
Precarious debt, luscious bareness
She-male begetting nightmares
Naked elf under the storm, skinny
Darkened eponym of my inner child