Dec 8, 2009

Adapting to chaos

Tonight in the subway back home, two unknown colleagues (we're 10 000coworkers in the same place....) were talking about climate change.
One sentence really caught my thought flow:"where's the truth?, who is right?"

Then I remembered quantum physics: reality isn't about absolute truth, rather about probabilties and truthS relative to their observation 'angle'...
I thought these young jeans clad guys were IT staff, cause they though in a really binary way, but outside computing they ought to know that in life, nothing is so clear cut than binary maths.

Really some part of the Sahara are getting dry, but some parts of Europe are flooded: so is climate drier or wetter?wasn't it supposed to be 'only'1 degrees hotter, but some mountains are 4° above average, so where's the truth?

There is no single thruth, cause there is no single 'average' universe, otherwise we would freeze and choke! (yeah outer space is the average state of the universe!)
There are multiple truths, fit for each special scale and timing. As you move and time fly, scale and timing change so truth too.

It's been millions of years than human beings have adapted to this chaotic everchanging world mostly without a single equation, so I don't think we are doomed not to have computed the TRUTH yet, but rather for looking for something that's a chimere!

Adapting to chaos ain't binary computing, it's being present, observing and greatly feeling, in order to intuitively deduce the most favorable way.

You're lost when you stop looking at/for your path.

Sep 12, 2009

Please save the rainforest

Anyone's heard about "buying tropical wood hurts rainforest" or "buying cosmetics/food made of palm oil hurts rainforest and ourang outang"

Well, if you want a real impact on saing the rainforest, AND have quite lots of money, please go bomb the big roads that are wide opened in the rainforest and are used to transport the logs on longdistance. While you're at this bombing project, please don't forget the invaders villages housing truck drivers, tree cutters and their bitches. Once the physical means of cutting down the forest are seriously hurt AND it's known that's extremely deadly job to do: you'll have saved the rainforest.

Anything else is a nice prayer. But if you believed in God you would not try to save the world,or rainforest...(He's doing it, right?)

Sep 6, 2009

Coconut fantasy

This cute little flower "tiare" is how I'm called by some people who haven't missed that I'm a tropical (flower) addict.
Being a blond "vahine" is not only about colorful, scented flowers in the (h)air...
It's also a hippiyish (long hair) lifestyle prefering free wild ornament over luxury bags or expensive cosmetics.
...An unlimited love for the sun which is not impaired by fear or revulsion over cute lizards, flying insects, sneaking sharks or giant turtles.
...A crave for boiled bananas, freshy cathed fish, and real coconut water, when all i can smell around is overfried hamburgers, cheezy pizzas, fishy chinese crap, and the like

So I slave to spare some cents for happy retirement (40 years from now) on a wild sandy beach, harboring coconut, banana, frangipani...and a pet turtle! I'd love to imagine my little tree house, open to seawind (aka aircon), high above in the canopy free as a bird somewhere closer to the tropics than where my actual jail lays.

Aug 18, 2009

Mind swings

Maybe hormonal load around the brain is coloring the world.
The sky seems more blue, people skin is more glowy, anyone smile is more radiant.
Anything vibrates and radiates with joyful pace and intensity.
The ocean feeling is there again, with its deep calm and weightfull energy.
Somehow testosterone is also a writer natural drug.
I may have missed it, but not so much as this blog...

Kiss back

Aug 17, 2009

Letting go

Letting go, living in the NOW
I am settling for romance
Isn't exciting to be the LAST?
It's only as good as it lasts
When it's over there is no turnover
I have no incentive to change the world
I am not 7 billion human's mother
Although I look as my ancestors Goddess
I am letting go of you, vanity
To educate you all is vain
I wish you luck, but I no more care
Without humanity earth will be better off

Aug 15, 2009

Random love stories

1. A week ago I fell in love with this tune:

2. I felt the space in my flat too little, so I'm seriously studying how to fit some cupboard in the tiny space in order to get rid of some of the mess that cloud my living space...
As I'm into luxury these days, I even think about buying a sofa that could be a bed at night.
All furnitures would have to fit tin my tiny corners, while letting my mind rest: so light colors only allowed.
I seriously love to wander through the Ikea wesite and brochure, imagining all the possibilites to arrange this and that...
I believe an harmonious home is key to rest there in peace, so that we hit latest the final resting place!

Jul 4, 2009

Theorising the wise use of violence

1.Let’s become aware of the abuses, assaults and poisoning we are victims of
2.Let’s identify our murderers
3.Let’s name them, one by one
4.Let them and their family know that WE know their crimes, and are ready to take action against them and/or retailation against their offspring in order to stop their crimes at ALL cost

Tired of staying idle hopeless cause you can’t change the system ?

Most of massive murdering corporations have a public website, such as, then go to investors section, find out the annual report (either to read online or to download) , and so you got the list of administrators, presidents, exectutives, and so on.

Now you still feel hopeless ? well that’s cause you have no more imagination…

You may wanna read further material to recover your child like imagination power:
on the dark side of the force
on the bright side:

Jul 3, 2009


It never occured to me before his death that I had been looking for his face. I've realised this old love had his initial look, the one I had mourned as a child.
And it's rather shocking and sadening too, but it was mostly your smile anyway.

I need some time to heal, but I'm already sure that she would look right, so I feel ready for her now.
I can't wait too long, I've just realised I won't let it last.
A guess is that my next generation will be dangerous, bad by civilisation standards, so it will beat it, while letting any stranger wonder who is it?

Much more often than not, the biggest hurdles we face are our own fears, so a little bit more freedom IN MY MIND is all I need now.

Let's dance$

Jul 2, 2009

hot in the air

It's hot in the air.
A violent breaze is crashing on the city.
From here at twighlight: red sky, hot air, thunders, pandemic virus, rising joblessness look gloomy...
That may be "slow crash"? exciting, confusing, many feelings to enjoy.
Therefore I wish to lighten the atmosphere, with some light songs, soft skin and a bubbly smile.

Megacity remains idle: so many possibilities that lay on statitics and never come true.
Here I feel reality has vanished into a virtual wired network, phone cables and wifis, braodband Internet and mobile microwaves.
People are stripped from souls: they have second life. They are void of beauty: they have money.
They wander and never meet: what could they recall except from propaganda from TV?
There ain't no time to get old, only for cosmetics.

What else? You could be and not have...Let it be and trash this all.

Jul 1, 2009

Nazis and their aspirants

Seriously what's wrong with Europeans, and especially french people?
They proudly shout about their WWII win over Hitler, but as soon as he was dead they got their lazy ass building open air gas chambers...
Car drivers are so busy turning the air we breathe into gas chambers that weather guy has to tell us "not to exercise for your health"!
Gosh! who said avoiding exercise was GOOD for health?

Nowadays europeans seem to be a big bunch of fucked up neo nazi actively pursuing genocides over our not yet born grand children...

Such a pity.

Jun 13, 2009


The other day, I was coming back home after a (too long) day of work. As I walked out the subway station I was literally showered from hair to toe.
I was curiously eyeing these weird strangers trying to shun themselves from heaven's water by crowding under the slim shops's roof along the narrow parisian streets.
As my flowing hair was turned to heavy locks, and my feet freely splashing at each step I enjoyed this long forgotten feeling: a free shower.
Of course here it's so unsual here to have simaltaneously rain and warm temperature, that most people instinctively fly away from rain as from cold inducing nasty thing.
But they did not even try it, I did wildly feeling this year is special, as special as 6 years ago: it's a HOT year. Though uncommon hot years are triggering monsoon like showers as far upnorth as Scandinavia (where I was last time fortunately)

Jun 12, 2009

few things to remember

I have just sticked to this world because of my loving family.
I have done only the few things I had been forced too, and I won't do anything for that world unless strongly obliged too.
I am not part of civilisation and I have no culture, except a strong link to my few blood fellows (aka tribe).

Jun 6, 2009

Tribute to Jarawas

There are flying dancers in my head

They’re as gracefull as swallows

Dim light is yellowing the evening

They hide and seek as shadows

Darkening carved roasted stone

And brightened sharp angles stare

At our mellowing random fights

Time to purify and unify unicity.

Love grows when shared but

Life is lost when you are shared

Flesh and brain apart you are dead

Beware of danger and any stranger.

May 16, 2009


Spring is renewal...
Spring is fasting time (last year's harvest gone, new year's one unready yet)
Spring means slimming
Spring means decluttering
Is anything I own usefull, desired? trash, sell or reuse, recycle any other stuff
Mind's changing, Life's adapting to unstable conditions, so culling is as cyclic though unpredictable as weather.

Spring is sweeping, cleaning, detoxifying
Coming clean, light and ready for the bright long days.

Feb 18, 2009

What's 'BAD'?

How to draw the line between 'good' and 'bad'?
anything that cause harm or death.
anything that is a threat to human survival in a balanced ecosystem (aka. not unbalanced due to human pressure)
any limitation to basic human freedom...

Basic human freedom?
A balanced ecosystem to live in.

Feb 13, 2009

Paris as I love

This is my beloved city; the quite sunny, chalky historical heart of Paris.

Jan 17, 2009


I'm amazed how wild is my body:
It has felt for weeks the weather turning to cold, overeating so that I was ready for the coldest weather in 20 years over here. My fat layer forecasted the cold way before the meteorologist.
Then I've felt nauseous for some time, and the weather's just started to warm up.
My body's already sheding extra pounds to adjust to coming spring (early, nah?)
The weather is crazy, but I'm part of that craze, so I shall not fear it.

The Wave

There's something troubling within
Echoing far away are heartbeats
Anysound enhancing is pushing
A blood rush up to the brain
It feels as a wave, blue and one
Uniting, moving, tying
To the great ocean of life
The original energy soup
Atomised within our selves
It feels alive in transe music
Over wild runs and dance
A beat inside and outside
Juicy present flowing overall

Jan 10, 2009

Magical Encounters

Some people have a magnetic attraction, some kind of hypnotising aura radiating from their stare. Each smallest motion of their body is grace, each eye contact is joyfull, their mere presence is intense, it feels as if they fill the air, abstracting any other one.
Inhabiting the present moment may surely be the way to feel alive, but some people can better make it last, stretch each second to a day, meaningfully transmuting a glimpse into everlasting memories.

It reminded me how biaised is my mind, for it's ineluctably clinging on same unvarying ethnical features: why? makes me wonder where I belong...

Jan 8, 2009


Substitute for love ain't fantasy
Drugged mills ain't no more fallacy
Entangled in wheel of fortune
Estranged in well of snow fume
We err on tilted bridges
We crawl on barren roads
Desperate for clear ether
Enamoured of white flow
Searching but no preaching
Hunting but no grunting
Flaunting our bellies
With mere wild berries

Jan 4, 2009

insight into the future

Thanks to the wonderfull blog of Dave Pollard (which incidentally was born the same year as my parents) "How to save the world" I discovered this fabulous article about our mid-term future:
Obviously, young people (teens, 20 something) may worry about what's going to happen in 2040-2050, cause we're supposed to be 'mature adults' by the time, and not even ripe enough for retirement!
Predictions of passed peak oil time, when oil will be too expensive for most of us, and worsening climatic conditions due to global warming, are rather bleak, and stress me to find the 'best' way to survive, long term.
Therefore Ran's essay is a good news, he explains that economic and infrstrucutre breakdowns will be slow, and that's leaving hope for adjustment time. Furthermore the changes he predicts that would turn our lifestyle to 'simpler' could actually be anticipated painlessly, and that's the path I've already began, so I guess I'm in the right direction!