Dec 14, 2011


x.After a few months of voluntary exile, I'm finally relieved enough to admit it: I'm French. Not only does my language reveal it, but also my cultural references.

I love French cheese, fine French chocolates, French 'haute couture' perfumes, French South Pacific pearl jewels and 'Les Lumières'! "The centre of the Enlightenment was France, where it was based in the salons and culminated in the great Encyclopédie (1751–72)".

Then how do I live today? by French motto's values, 'freedom, equality, brotherhood'.

Freedom, I live anywhere my heart leads me and do whatever I fancy, while I think mostly about due care to not harm, and preserve our endangered world.
Equality, I live simply and content, so that other have the means to live, too.
Brotherhood, I live with an open heart that allows anyone without blood considerations to be respected and cherished as a brother, or sister.