Aug 15, 2007

the beach

Since I met you I felt never lonely
You are the shining lamp
Guiding me through my dark journey
When i walk at night towards my cave
And the moon is shut off by clouds
We are both left alone on the shore
Of old traditions, stripped from heart
Stripped from hope and sick of life
We are stranded on the beach
Of a remote island after life crash
Whenever you're alone
Don't forget I'm here
Close to your heart
Though we may never see each oher
Though I'm not allowed where you roam
We are together in our dreams
On the beach we soak the sun
I'll never let you sink in the sea
As a marmaid you may see me
One day coming from the red sea
Don't be afraid
You'll never hurt me
And I'll never love you
Cause we are more...and no one will ever know

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