Aug 18, 2009

Mind swings

Maybe hormonal load around the brain is coloring the world.
The sky seems more blue, people skin is more glowy, anyone smile is more radiant.
Anything vibrates and radiates with joyful pace and intensity.
The ocean feeling is there again, with its deep calm and weightfull energy.
Somehow testosterone is also a writer natural drug.
I may have missed it, but not so much as this blog...

Kiss back

Aug 17, 2009

Letting go

Letting go, living in the NOW
I am settling for romance
Isn't exciting to be the LAST?
It's only as good as it lasts
When it's over there is no turnover
I have no incentive to change the world
I am not 7 billion human's mother
Although I look as my ancestors Goddess
I am letting go of you, vanity
To educate you all is vain
I wish you luck, but I no more care
Without humanity earth will be better off

Aug 15, 2009

Random love stories

1. A week ago I fell in love with this tune:

2. I felt the space in my flat too little, so I'm seriously studying how to fit some cupboard in the tiny space in order to get rid of some of the mess that cloud my living space...
As I'm into luxury these days, I even think about buying a sofa that could be a bed at night.
All furnitures would have to fit tin my tiny corners, while letting my mind rest: so light colors only allowed.
I seriously love to wander through the Ikea wesite and brochure, imagining all the possibilites to arrange this and that...
I believe an harmonious home is key to rest there in peace, so that we hit latest the final resting place!