Apr 3, 2007

friday 23 sept

i took a plane to peshawar ...say bye to karachi and all the fun and long entertaining nights i had over there..
i was very happy to be back to peshawar, but when the plane was getting down we crossed a thick dark layer of clouds...I saw peshwar and the field around looking wet, and a big wall of rain appraoching our plane...then we went up again and few minutes later the captain told us that due to bad weather we were redirected to islamabad....i was sooooooooooooo sad...wait, wait again to be back to Peshawar
then another annoucment told us we had to go till lahore because weather was bad in islamabad also!
then we reached the nicely built lahore airport...mughal style, like red fort of agra or dehli!
we stayed there a while....finally went back to peshawar when it was night...some 3 hours later than scheduled!

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